When the car repairman fee pricing standards

type of sheet metal working hours for the damage principle

General models: the area damaged by the degree of damage and, combined with the ease of repair site repairman to the approved fee.

Special model: higher-value models or old models, when the exterior parts, body frame and large beams and other serious deformation, can negotiate with the customer and repair shop, when the repairman can cost 20% -50% of the price of approved accessories.

painter class time charge for the damage principle

1, when the painter fee Is the painting material cost, paint materials costs and paint labor costs of sum.

2, plastic, matt trim, metallic paint and paint color may be 10-20%, while the proportion of the approved work costs go up.

3, large passenger Cars approved labor charge per unit area.

4, by Car and minibus web (13 per Car) approved time charge.

Working time charge type approved principles

1, the general principle: according to the complexity of the work approved ease of dIsassembly and Technology fee.

2, detachable individual parts separately calculated by doing a single piece.

3, a detachable parts must be removed to other parts, we need to consider labor costs assIsted removable.

4, mechanical parts and electrical parts dIsassembly, due consideration needs to debug or test cost after dIsassembly.

5, removable cover and decorative pieces, generally without considering other time charge.

6, repair ABS, be confirmed repair method Is generally split wheel 30 / the wheel.

7, lines, or repair electrical components calculated separately dIsassembly costs.

8, containing as detachable seat side air bag, the cost of working hours may be increased.

9, mechanic removal direction should be adjusted according to the models.

10, hoIsting of the engine, the engine should be calculated lifting costs.

11, when more replacement project (≥10 items), calculate the total dIsmantling costs can be unified by 30-50 yuan / item.

damaged parts repair and replacement principles

1, repair and principles replacement: damaged parts repaired or replaced, should generally be damage in accordance with the ” can repair parts, pieces of whether to allow safe repair, can fix the process, whether a fix value “principle be determined.

2, material replacement “compensation principle” Is determined in accordance with the basic principles of insurance, the specific circumstances according to the following:

① In general, be replacement parts are factory;

② member itself Is not damaged as positive plant parts, places supporting parts replacement;

③ rare old old, high-end models of parts, replacement of standard should be strictly controlled; part of the old models, in consultation with the customer and repair shop to scrap parts replacement.

Standard replacement parts and assembly

flood vehicle parts replacement principle

1, the vehicle Will not replace the line, taken cleaning, drying, in addition to the continued use of an oxide layer;

2, headlight cleaning after drying in the Car according to the standard (normal value: light intensity ≥15000cd) contemplated inspection, replacement below 13000cd;

3, taken engine dIsmantling, cleaning, drying, lubricating treatment may be considered to pay the repair kits and the engine lubricating oil;

4, taken computer modules cleaning, drying, addition after the oxide layer to be tested, after adminIstration of test failed replacement;

5, generally not replace the airbag, taken clean, dried and stand, such as to prove really replace damaged adminIstered;

6, motor function (e.g., generator, starter motor, compression pump, etc.) can not be updated, cleaning, drying, lubrication;

7, the auxiliary motor (e.g., window regulator machine motor, a seat motor and the like), taken cleaning, drying dry, weak determined by test (6V) back contact rust damage after replacement;

8, audio amplifier, Car phones, speakers, cleaned, dried, in addition to the oxide layer test that determines a replacement if damaged.

When the lIst Sheet metal

when the painter fee table

removably various grades of different heights due to the flooding caused according to different ranges, each of the desired grade Is determined according to removably project schematic. Parts material management cost of replacement parts material a certain percentage of the purchase price charged:

1, a second class comprehensive repair shop typically 10-15%;

2,4S shop, special maintenance station can be suitably floating, not exceeding 20%;

3, poorly qualified repair shop should be appropriate to fall.

Parts per Car accident large amount of material costs, such as the following should be appropriate to reduce the overhead ratio criteria:

1, 1-3 million in material costs, management fees should not exceed 10%;

2, material costs 3 million or above, management fees should not exceed 8%.