When the car maintenance, so Why knowing more expensive than the 4S shop repair shop, many owners also went to 4S shop maintenance?

Car when a maintenance vehicle owners make a lot of frustration topics, in addition to rIsing oil prices, I believe that most owners chat and Car maintenance Is related. Now the domestic Car to do maintenance in general, there are two ideas, one Is in the 4S shop maintenance, and the other Is to go to the repair shop maintenance. In both places the maintenance of the difference Is very obvious, but in the final analysIs can be summarized as saying that the 4S shop maintenance more expensive than in the repair shop. But the problem Is Car maintenance, so Why knowing more expensive than the 4S shop repair shop, many owners also went to 4S shop maintenance it?

In fact, the light that certain maintenance projects, maintenance and repair shop in the 4S shop maintenance difference Is not great. Such as oil change, as it Is the use of price 5W-40,4S shop SN level may straighter than about 70 yuan more expensive repair shop, of course, differences among brands of motor oil. In the 4S shop maintenance are some really expensive accessory maintenance projects. We know that, 4S shop maintenance and general maintenance 4S shop provIsions have a maintenance manual for profit and additional maintenance projects, such projects are typically some of the cleaning and the like, such as three-way catalyst cleaning, cleaning the airway, the cylinder cleaning product Carbon even clean the engine and the like. And if you simply hook-on Car maintenance manuals for maintenance, then the 4S shop maintenance Is nothing more than a good choice.

Further, with respect to the outside 4S shop maintenance repair shop, which Will be mass parts Is more reliable. Although the vast majority of regular repair shop parts quality no problem, but generally are not original parts, and the replacement of parts if there Is no corresponding record, then the problem arIses it Is difficult to find the responsible party. In the 4S shop maintenance, vehicle owners said that although the price may be expensive, but reliable quality parts, even if there Is a problem in the 4S shop maintenance Is also based on the basic problems of fraud and the like Will not occur.

Moreover, if it Is to go to some small roadside repair shops and maintenance, and that the rIsk Is unknown. On the one hand, if maintenance Is not fixed in a repair shop, go in exchange for fitting problems, then it Is difficult to divide responsibilities. In addition, some irregular quick repair shop Is possible there Is a big problem, it Is understood that some informal quick repair shop Will be a number of scrapped parts or scrap pieces againRenovation process, was sold to new owners after again. In thIs case, vehicle owners generally are very difficult to detect it, wait until a problem Is difficult to obtain compensation.

Overall, although more expensive than in the 4S shop maintenance repair shop, but for such a Car more expensive things, many owners still prefer in the 4S shop maintenance, after all, in terms of service, parts quality, reliability and reputation 4S shop Is trustworthy. But if the owners have a friend Is to open repair shop, Car maintenance or relatively well-known, and more sensitive to price, then it can also be considered in the formal maintenance repair shop.