When the car maintenance, should go to the 4S shop or general repair works? Older drivers: the right choice Is very important

Now the Car Is very common means of transport in our lives, it gives us travel brings great convenience, so for many Car owners, Car Care and maintenance Is also very important only reasonable protection of our Cars Will be able to make our travel more secure, but also allow us to delay the life of the Car, then we in the usual Care when the Car should go to 4s shops or go to an ordinary repair shop it? When the Car maintenance, should go to the 4S shop or general repair works? Older drivers: the right choice Is very important.

surely we all know, our Car if you go to 4s shops inside for maintenance, then its cost Is relatively also very expensive, if you go to ordinary the repair shop cheap price even half of it, but for ordinary repair shop, the owners generally do not trust and feel special. So there Will be some special tangled owners in the maintenance of the Car, I do not know what a good place to go, let the old drivers today for everyone to talk about.

in the maintenance of the Car when we are divided into many, sometimes we added some knowledge of Car maintenance Is to check the engine oil or other parts, such Care can be very simple, we can choose according to different parts of the maintenance of different places, such as our Automotive wheel alignment, it Is best to choose to go inside the shop 4s, 4s shop because for it, they have preserved the original data, but also for maintenance of four positioning Is also very skilled, it Will be more accurate than the average number of repair shop, the effect Is more obvious, especially for the four positioning, if you went to a private repair shop, then its maintenance Is not particularly obvious, and even opened a few days of effort, you Will find a series of Car problems.

In addition there Is the Car up painting, we had better go to 4s shops repaint, though 4s shop price relative to in more expensive, but there are some Car its color Is very special, but also need to spend big price to repaint, so even if expensive some, but to let our Car up very good, it Is worth if we just go ordinary repair shop with specialThe special paint, Is likely to occur thIs paint our Car prices in other parts of the body of the Car Is not the same.

If a Car oil change such a simple question, then we just go ordinary repair shop on it, because for such maintenance technology it Is not too much technical content, for many people are also able to complete, they just charge a labor fee only. But if we go to 4s shop for oil changes, then, in addition to the charge labor costs, while the price of oil Is very expensive, so at thIs time we can choose an ordinary repair shop, give us today to share here for our Car maintenance depending on the type of maintenance, it Is also the place chosen Is different, you understand? Give us today to share here, like thIs article a lot of attention on me.