When more than 40,000 kilometers of high-speed running BMW “Floating”, check out the problem so that owners scared!

We believe the owners have thIs experience, it Is a high speed while driving, there Will be a kind of “waving” feeling in case of rain or high winds, that Is, the body Will be a slight shift of the Car the control problems. ThIs time, we Will generally reduce the speed, to ensure that the Car does not have a case “flighty” in.

Why, then, there Will be circumstances “flighty” when the Car at high speed it? Master introduced thIs relationship with the Car’s chassIs, tires, wind resIstance and other relatively large. If we find that Car riders under the same conditions, not before “flighty” and now Will be the time, indicating a problem with the Car, we need to check for problems in time for the job.

A few days ago, there are a mileage of over 40,000 km BMW encountered “flighty” problem, a few kilometers of the arrow as shown below, the owner said, rarely before such problems. The master After checking, directly to the owners said tire changed! At first, the owners still do not believe that when the owners see the real situation of the tire, very sCared, directly agreed to replace the tires! Next, we look at thIs Issue!

First, the master checks Automotive side of the tire, primarily to see the production date and the aging of the tire. The arrow shown in FIG., 2414, 2014 says that the tire factory Week 24, now has four years, the tire changing the predetermined time Is 5 years.

Then, the master checked the front tire because the front tires have a wear mark. Orange area shown in the FIG., These projections inside drain groove to block mark represents the wear limit, if the tire Is worn to thIs box indicates the drainage of the tire and the like Is greatly reduced, the tire needs to be replaced.

It may also be the tread, but there are many pattern edges crack, the tire described more serious aging. Master and turn the tires a bit and found a more serious problem, as shown in the following figure green area, inside tire tread there have been a lot of cracks inside the lines you can see, thIs Is very dangerous!

the arrow shown in FIG.ThIs Is another one of the tire tread, we can see that it Is particularly large crack! Master said that thIs problem Is very serious, much larger, stability Will also appear abnormal rIsk at any time before the puncture, high speeds, tire noIse than, certainly there Will be “flighty” or jitter problems.

BMW owners after seeing such a situation, very sCared, in case before the high-speed flat tire, the consequences could be dIsastrous! ThIs problem can be solved only new tires! Owners consideration, agreed to replace new tires.

As shown in chart, these are the new tires, and the original Car tires, are run-flat tires, that Is, we often say that the run-flat tires . A string of numbers shown in the red area indicates the tire model, we are the owners when buying tires need to see a string of numbers and letters. As shown in the green area, which Is about the tires precautions, we should learn Is that most riders see “Notes.” Green arrow, tire production date in the tire side!

As shown in the arrow, which Is down for four tires. Although they are still relatively deep pattern, not to the replacement date, but the actual state of the tires has been a serious problem, there Is a serious security rIsk, must be replaced for the job! After

aftermarket master change the tires, but also the need for two important steps: adjustment of tire pressure and the tire dynamic balance. After that, the test Car fitted, BMW owners, said: obviously driving feel a lot stronger than before, and tire noIse Is also reduced a lot! ThIs time the owner can safely drive again!

ThIs case has given us the owners of a maintenance reminder: When driving a Car we find feelings change, indicating the presence of some security rIsks Cars, we owners should be checked in time for the job! I hope thIs simple maintenance cases can help riders!