When idling car air-conditioning, air-conditioning cooling effect Is poor, and take up a good point? Read to understand!

at idle air conditioning cooling effect, go up after a relatively well, mostly because of poor heat dIssipation, as a result of lack of refrigerant.

an idle air conditioning and refrigeration difference Possible reasons:

1, Radiator, condensed network dusty heatsink, the heat dIssipation Is poor, the same cooling effect Will deteriorate, when the Car ran up, there Is a natural cooling air assIsting cooling effect Will be improved.

2, the refrigerant shortage (refrigeration system leakage)

3, the fan motor fault, for example only low gear, causes poor heat dIssipation effect poor cooling effect

4, air conditioning compressor belt slip

5, the outer loop or open loop and outside flap motor failure

6, the refrigerant filling too much maintenance, if high pressure too high, overload protection stops the compressor work 7, air-conditioning compressor failure

in addition, regular cleaning Is recommended when cooling network usually too dirty and help improve cooling effect. When to go to the Car wash can wash, Car wash should be noted that the high-pressure gun pressure not to adjust too much, otherwIse the blade cooling network easily deformed. If the refrigerant Is insufficient, the AC or each time the compressor Is turned on when the electromagnetic clutch, Will Issue a “trace” sound expansion valve.

at idle poor air conditioning and refrigeration, vehicle done relatively well, what Is the specific reason you need to check in order to determine.