When doing maintenance, Why a lot of 4S shop owners are not allowed to sit and watch?

to buy a new Car Is still under warranty, the vast majority of people Will go to 4S shop maintenance, because it involves warranty Issues, warranty and maintenance terms were not there often have trouble sometimes bad after all a large maintenance costs high. To the 4S shop maintenance process Is like thIs, to drive to the reception area, there Will be maintenance of the reception of your Car to do a simple check, focus Is on appearance, in case the Car has rub hard to explain. Then send work orders Issued, and the owner confirmed that the cost of thIs project and maintenance, after signing the owner can watch TV in the lounge for tea, after all the work content to the 4S shop staff arrangements, the owners do not need to intervene , the owners pay maintenance Is completed leave it.

Some owners do not trust, you want to look at the maintenance shop, full staring. In fact most of the 4S shop owners are not allowed into the maintenance shop, just to maintain the customer, it Will not force the owners to go out, just politely say, you can go to the lounge waiting. Some 4S shop shop door has a large sign that read prohibit owners into the repair shop. So Why not let the owners 4S shop maintenance when looking at the side, Will not have any transmIssion of the dIsease?

let into the shop owners not to mess about in maintenance, there Is no transmIssion of the dIsease. 4S shop can say Is after-sales maintenance locations in most people trust, so write on the work order of the items does not appear to do, nor Will there be during the maintenance of the vehicle to do some hands and feet, so the owner can basically reassuring tea in the lounge. Of course there are exceptions, an analogy, the replacement of certain parts, you need to dIsmantle a lot of things, if there Is a plaque like the original five clips, results accidentally broke a demolition, it would not affect the use of direct loading up, not looking at the next owners Will not know. But thIs Is only the behavior of individual service technician, doing so Is wrong, 4S shop Is not allowed, very low probability of repeat encounter.

let into the aftermarket shop owners reason for most Car owners in mind. 4S shop has a standard service processes, to allow customers to go to the lounge Is part of the process, reflecting the excellent service 4S shop, maintenance owners can get a good rest and entertainment. Secondly, small vehicles and more floor space, there Is a certainDanger, if the owners of which Car accidentally hit, the responsibility can not tell. Finally, the replacement of oil and the like, the owner if too close, easily contacted, responsibility can not tell. Air workshop Is not very good, all kinds of volatile oil and Automobile exhaust gathering, ventilation not so good, the owner Will leave a bad feeling.

In summary allowed to enter the shop owner to substantially sake. Of course, promIsing the sake of maintenance technicians, many owners do not make good watch next to the Car, always make irresponsible remarks, pretend to really understand the Car’s appearance, saying it did not get things right that should not be so, resulting in reduced efficiency service technicians and do not even know how to work. Simple maintenance can sit and watch it, you can ask some questions, complex repairs take several hours to complete, generally you do not need to be looking.