What’s the difference to the 4S shop and repair shop when the car maintenance? Older drivers personal experience to tell you!

What’s the difference to the 4S shops and repair shops when

Car maintenance? Older drivers personal experience to tell you!

just bought a Car back after it gave everyone should have done maintenance it, a lot more cautious owners they would choose to go 4S shop, after all, the first time there Is to do maintenance free but also and more comfortable, so the future Will often choose to go here, but some people opt out, they feel out of some of it may be cheaper, but in the end these two places which are more cost effective for us, these two What a difference does it make? I believe that many owners do not understand the problem it should.

Car maintenance should be Carried out once every so often, the first difference between the two Is definitely purchase channels vary in their parts 4S shop all manufacturers to provide a unified, so we do not have genuine doubt, and it Is also what the original problem does not arIse, but the repair shop purchase channels Is more complicated, because some of their parts are different.

The second Is the level of the problem, in the 4S shop they are backed by the whole plant, so the shipment of spare parts and maintenance staff training and learning, than repair Some plants to be more professional, they naturally give you a skilled maintenance Will have good results. If you choose to go to the repair shop, they may be just to repair the master’s apprentice, just learned how to give you a little repair.

At thIs time the quality of the Car Is certainly not guaranteed it, so at thIs time we should also make a choice, and secondly. What’s the difference to the 4S shop and repair shop when the Car maintenance? Older drivers personal experience to tell you! It gives you that needed repair problems encountered that Will produce some dIspute, after all, Is the manufacturer of the 4S shop franchIse, if the trouble Is certainly manufacturers have insIsted, and repair shops are generally personal.

If the larger dIspute there Is no way they Will tell you, spend so little money coming into thIs already very good, although the 4S shop maintenance Is more expensive but the quality Is still to be sure, they also have a special regular factory guaranteed, if you feel more adequate funding. 4S shop and maintenanceRepair shop which Is more reliable? Car Care Where should choose? Old driver to tell the truth! That or try to select it to the 4S shop, which Is also small series summed up by their own experience.

we usually do not know when the maintenance would choose to go now? What do you think go to repair shop and 4S shop there any difference? Can put your own personal experience to tell you, let those friends just to buy a Car thIs Will know more about it.