What to do about the fall of the automotive air conditioning

buy a Car to keep a Car wash things like brushing your teeth every day, become an indIspensable life content.

said to maintain a family Is not easy, it requires two people to mutual respect and Care for the family to pay their own efforts to improve the quality of life make some contribution, Will there Is a better tomorrow.


Today, the rIse of social development, the Automobile as a means of transport, not the brush there Is a sense of not being taken seriously, the vehicle easy to use at the same time can not ignore the maintenance of the Car, MeIster Xiao Bian as a staff Car Care products manufacturer, has the responsibility and obligation to share some Car Care products using the knowledge with everyone.

whether older drivers or new drivers, Car easy to keep a Car difficult, not to make people sCared, wanted a Car at home more and more as the population, all aspects should be to take Care of, it does not eat food and drink petrol, not only to drink but also to do high-grade gasoline and maintenance.

and people’s strengths, the Car has a Car use, we Will cooperate with each other over the life of steadily soaring.

the summer passed, just the arrival of autumn, ushered in the rest of the Automotive air conditioning a good time, I believe that each of the owners in thIs past summer, air conditioning bring a lot of comfort air conditioning system needs to provide engine power, so as to drive the air conditioning compressor work.

of our Automotive air conditioning the vehicle cabin air cooling, heating, ventilation, and air purification.

Automotive Air Conditioning

Most of Automotive air conditioning compressor design Is the use of axial pIston; the working unknown compressor, evaporator, compressor suction low temperature and pressure at the outlet of the refrigerant gas, compresses it to a high temperature high pressure gas dIscharge of the compressor, implemented in the compressed state of the refrigerator, while overcoming some resIstance member during operation, and accordingly can cause severe loss of power air conditioning compressor Will be tired, also injured.

due to the air conditioning system brings back a variety of adverse conditions, the owner Will mIsunderstand engine to engine power appears to askThe title mIslead easy detours, not the right medicine for maintenance of the air conditioning system.

air conditioning work

Cars each component at work, during the operation of certain components need lubrication, it Will not lead to engine power loss of respect for no reason, with air conditioning and driving force Will be improved to enhance the healthy, engine oil consumption Will not increase for no reason, at their best, while the air conditioning cooling effect Is more obvious, thIs fall can just do some maintenance to air-conditioning, preparation use warm air in winter.

for the benefit of the owners of friends, professional people to do professional things, the use of genuine professional Car Care products and maintenance services, Car maintenance we insIst on sharing knowledge together.