What should pay attention to mention car?

From the set Cars to put the Car in the middle of the time experienced people understand, Is really much thought, Wu Mei thinking clothes ah. To mention Cars that day very, very happy, of course, you can also put the Car Do not just worry hurriedly drove off while ignoring some of the details, here are the details you must pay attention to, otherwIse it Will be really 4S shop pit!

examination certificate of good code and engine number and VIN original Car Is consIstent: no modification Is neat stamp number trace. To put away a motor vehicle parameter table, maintenance free Card. Former home must be torn off, so that was not close to the Take back, back to a less chance of free maintenance. New Car invoice Is three, it should be a motor vehicle invoices.

to choose a new Car may be required to choose two of the same model Car. Note gaps and body paint. Such techniques have observed, could focus Observations on / bumper and body slit, slot and front door security / bumper slit open the door to see if the inner and outer paint colorless poor. For the paint, the requirements for relatively high ambient light conditions. Observation of light in the sun, all Issues can not hide. If the Car Is selected in the exhibition hall, can be viewed against the sun slanting direction, it can also play the same effect.

See the door, the door should be qualified switching force uniform, no abnormal noIse. Good rubber sealed, airtight closing can see a noticeable effect, and the door Will be similar to the final section of the suction force to close the door. Edge paint intact under the door frame, if it Is found worn or dirty, it Is necessary to consider whether the storage conditions of thIs Car ideal.

See interior, no other interior, first clean. Interior should be clean, especially easily dirty parts, such as interior lights and around the inner handle. Electric parts or mechanical parts should be light and flexible, no run between mIscellaneous. Compartment floor clean and free of stains. Check the interior lights, it should work well. Seat cover removed white packaging site, check if there are abnormal original leather seat cover, a cup holder and cover glasses of these vulnerable parts should try several times, to ensure fully functional.

See the power section

Dynamic part of the Car Is the main component, can be said that the Car Is the most valuable Car engine, it Is generallyBefore people Will buy Cars optimIstic about the Car’s engine, while driving a Car, the engine determines the quality of the Car’s driving feel. Yu Sheng s350 GTDi engine Is equipped with a relatively powerful engine, thIs engine Is a lot of luxury Cars are in use configuration, its turbocharged direct injection + + variable timing of the intake exhaust these three technologies optimized, overall very good.

Good operation of the engine should be no appearance of grease, sensitive and rapid response start smoothly without shaking operation, the sound smooth, no sharp noIse or fixed noIse frequencies. Site plus the engine oil should be clean and free of grease, even when there Is no obvious grease, dust sticky equivalents thIs situation, because the portion Will stick only dust vIscous oil.

each commodity has its own production date, the Car Is the same. Some businesses have suffered a lot of Car dealers often Will the backlog of inventory. So in order to reduce customer inventory Will give the Car a lot of concessions. Goods vehicles per side Will be affixed to the Car’s identity – nameplates and signage. If you found the Car from the production date has been more than a year or even longer, and we can take thIs as weights, we asked for another point dIscount.

to see the color of the oil

we do not know Is that less than 60 km odometer, are considered to be “zero kilometers.” Some businesses Will even transform the odometer, thus posing zero kilometers. Mention Cars when we can point the Car stalled after three minutes, and then pull out the dipstick by wiping dIsplay black oil Is to run a lot of kilometers.

Check the brake pedal and the clutch pedal, if it Is Automatic, just need to try cold brake pedal and the accelerator pedal, Is smooth enough. If you do not feel the foot of the increasingly “hard”, it shows that the Car brake pump problem. If the manual transmIssion, the clutch Is smooth to try, and if the same into the respective gear Is engaged smoothly.

See the tire, normal Car tire sidewall should be without any damage, especially front tire wall. No traces of pinning the tread, front and rear tires lanugo alive Preferably, at least the rear wheelsLanugo should be able to see if the four bare, not half a lanugo, and the local road Is not bad, it should think again.

In addition, also need to check the vehicle wiring lines. Especially the fuse box of the vehicle to see if there Is no increase private line, because many Car dealers in order to increase with the owners, who Will choose to install non-original parts, Is likely to change the private line. If the latter caused by spontaneous combustion, then the insurance companies and Car manufacturers can not claim.

Finally, on the road to check the entire vehicle, particularly the transmIssion, try the stalls into the file easily and accurately whether, Automatic models to experience the gearbox Is sensitive and feeling frustrated, If you are experiencing lag or need to force into the file, then thIs Car Will need to add a question mark.

If these steps do you really shining, basically to ensure that your Car Is no big problem. Pick the Car to note Is that eyes, ears, hand-to-! See more and hear more and feel like. Do not be heart to yo, come on very, very excited, finally have their own Car feeling, it may bad!