What relevant knowledge test car repairman three

When it comes to Car repairman certificate examinations, many people want to apply for senior technicians, senior workers but not even the technicians are not reported, so only three candidates from the Car repairman, for many years engaged in the front line of combat repair, but it really Is a test for most people really anxious, right here today, summed up what Car repairman three points are what knowledge exam.

with the knowledge of these theories in general Automotive repair three workers examinations, first: the process for the preparation of parts to repair Card knowledge about normalizing and hardening tempering and aging treatment; metal surface treatment, the surface roughness of the concept of the preparation method, gear, camshaft, crankshaft heat treatment process, wear regularity and fixes the cylinder head of the cylinder block, repair processes and process Cards.

Second: an engine assembly overhaul which Will involve the operation points of the detection equipment and precautions, valve train, a crank link mechanIsm, lubrication system, cooling system, gasoline repair repair technology technical requirements of each system of fuel supply system, fuel supply system of diesel engine and the like, function and use of the fuel pump bench, the main components of the engine, running the engine assembly process, the completion of engine overhaul inspection and testing requirements, the cylinder block , crankshaft, camshaft and repair technology requires repair actual operation mechanIsm of each system, engine assembly completion acceptance.

Third: engine diagnostic procedures and precautions EFI system, engine fuel consumption Fault DiagnosIs for cause and treatment methods, the abnormal sound of the engine and processing method , the sensor working principle of the detection method of the EFI engine, the engine computer control strategy and mechanIsm failure analysIs, data flow analysIs failure, fault waveform analysIs, exhaust gas analysIs basic knowledge failure, the engine can not be started independently of the actual negative, excessive emIssions, excessive fuel consumption, overheating, idle instability, poor acceleration, abnormal sound failure.

Fourth: Automotive site theoretical knowledge point, Auto repair and overhaul process category, organized in the form of Auto repair, overhaul process, a transmIssion housing, a transmIssion shaft, the wear and the deformation fixes , a manual transmIssion, a drive axle, non-independent suspension, a hydraulic brake, air brake overhaul and repair technology standards, repair parts classification test, a clutch, a transmIssion, a differentialRepair technical requirements, drive shaft, the front axle, the brake drum, a suspension, a dIsc brake, independently of each chassIs assembly and adjustment system repair, site Automobile, vehicle, drive axle, a transmIssion, braking, coasting of completion and acceptance testing and overhaul, completion and conditions of knowledge.

Fifth: ChassIs troubleshooting knowledge, the Automatic transmIssion, a universal transmIssion, a clutch, the manual transmIssion or the like and abnormal sound failure analysIs, and the phenomenon of abnormal wear of the tire, Automobiles deviation, Nose wheel failure phenomenon array, and antilock braking failure fault reason, exclude independent Automatic transmIssion, universal transmIssion, clutch, transmIssion, tire, before wheel shimmy, deviation brake, the antilock brake failure analysIs and troubleshooting.

Sixth: knowledge Automotive electrical equipment, generators, regulator control circuit, integrated bench electrical equipment, basic circuit starting system, the types and characterIstics of the control circuit, Automotive air conditioning system and the cause of the failure diagnostic performance parameters, Car lights, headlamps, turn signals, brake lights, and troubleshooting, manual air conditioning, Automatic air-conditioning operation principle Symptom Causes and treatment, independently lights, steering system, air conditioning system , instrumented, based start, the charging system and other system fault analysIs and elimination, Will use the vacuum gauge, an air conditioner, a decoder, exhaust gas analyzer, waveform analysIs, excluding difficult problems.

Car repairman three, that Is, advanced vocational qualification certificate must reach the theoretical and practical exams are individual in full 60 points Is qualified, theory exam paper before 200 test questions now instead of the microcomputer 100 questions, each one point, the practical operation Is divided into three to four exam score of 20-40 points each piece vary, but no matter which of the practical operation of the test, should be considered civilized production, safety production, standardize operations, the timing of the test pieces do not fall, the assembly must be clean detail ah, I hope thIs article Will give master mechanic for more research to help review and thank you for sharing.