What makes a good car wax to see how netizens say

What makes a good Car wax to see how netizens say

Car wax, Car paint Is the traditional maintenance thereof. Natural wax or synthetic wax as a main component, infiltrated into the gap through which the manipulation smooth surface finIsh and play the effect of increasing the brightness.

In general waxing the Car Is more light-based protection, and now with the development of industry, the Car was given new meaning waxing, polIshing wax and appears increasingly wide range of applications. If a Car hit the wax, it can achieve better light effects Will need a relatively thick layer of wax. However, wax Is oily substance, the paint film adhesion and poor protection short time, the wax Is often due to factors like rain or irrigation loss, sometimes attached to the windshield, the grease Is formed, so the Car hit beauty wax should be done on a regular basIs. Auto Beauty

So how market Car wax? What brand of Car wax Is generally easy to use? Users look argument.

which brand of Car wax wax which brand Is good, it Is suitable for home use, which makes mid-range Car wax Ashkenazi suitable for home use? German Cars

General American 3M, American turtle license, are good American Micron.

these Chela product line rich, high school low-end products have, wax varieties complete various functions, quality Is also good. Most US Micron Car wax Is imported from the United States, so the price Is more expensive. Brand

mid-range Car wax, wax crystal premium 3M recommended

of high-grade wax, recommended 3M Diamond Crystal hard wax, wax turtle license Platinum, Gold Micron Crystal wax palm king, turtle iCE ice wax.

with the Car maintenance Car wax what brand?

If your Car Is light-colored paint, in fact, do not seal uranium – coating, waxing can be, the best contrast of dark paint coating, I recommend that you use Micron wax, or wax turtle license, the effect Is quite good, only really have a big Car wash.

3M could not tell too many false, the good doctor with the turtles, much better on the ice with Dr. turtle wax, wax and platinum Crystal Shield Is the best of Dr. turtle, are sold online, playing wax can only tube over one month now, if the number of words in a rain pipe 20 days “thIs Is a medium of Dr. wax turtle Xiangla, extreme wax” if platinum wax tube a half to two months, ice wax and crystal shield maintain a long longest time. If the coating words, A pipe was the lowest for six months, but they can not get, to have a Car repair shop or beauty shop.

what brand of Car wax what Is better?

have the 3M; US turtle license; small fairy. . The same price, Why not import wax it.

Suitable can be bought, (20-50 .50-100 element Is low Is more mid-range high-grade .100), what grade vehicle by what grade wax. Paint Is not good, with even the best wax also play no effect. After

After reading the comments of a few friends, network greatly accelerates add points to your Car wax knowledge of it. A cat

wax divided into seven categories according to different uses.

1, decontamination wax

Wax decontamination characterIstics: CharacterIstics decontamination decontamination wax having a bright surface cleaning and maintaining the function of Car, mainly applied in the Automobile surface can be restored bright color Car paint and metal;

decontamination waxes: apply the dirty surface of the apparatus;

wax decontamination Note: Can not be used to warm the body;

wax decontamination scope: vehicle body.

2, wax light

Wax light characterIstics: capable of forming a protective film on the paint to prevent oxidation, acid rain and erosion of the paint sticky dust, allow Cars have lasting light, body and applicable to various metal products;

light waxes: apply the body surface, the paint adhesion as the dirt, with “decontamination wax” cleaning, then apply wax light;

wax light Note: Can not be used to warm the body;

wax light scope: Automobile body and metal products.

3, protective wax

CharacterIstics of protective wax: Protection of the Car wax Is removed mainly Automotive oil, asphalt, to prevent rusting Car, result in stable, water-resIstant protective film Car, Car wax suitable protection groove surface area in the Car;

the method of using the protective wax: washing and drying Automobile, cans shaken before use, a uniform coating can be necessary to protect portions;

wax protected Note: not used in paints based surface tung oil;

PaulWax Application Support: vehicle surface and a groove.

4, wax mirror

Wax characterIstic mirror: Mirror wax Is a high performance Car Care type natural wax, Carnauba and containing polyCarbonate, strong penetration of paint, gloss as a mirror, to maintain long-term, effective treatments Automotive paint, paint Care suitable for refurbIshment and polIshing the Cars; Car

specular waxes: apply paint vehicle body, hand and machine to find wax Available waxing;

wax mirror scope: adapted Car paint Care after refurbIshment and polIshing Cars.

5, the antIstatic wax

The antIstatic properties of wax: a polIshing wax Care spray, paint static electricity can be prevented, minimize the electrostatic attraction of dust, greasy ;

the antIstatic wax use: apply paint vehicle body, hand and machine waxing can find waxes;

the antIstatic wax scope: adapted Cars and Car polIsh after refurbIshment the paint Care;

6, pastels

color characterIstics wax: color Car wax into red, blue, green, gray, and black five colors, i.e. playing i.e. polIshing, provincial time and effort, the use of different colors corresponding to the color of the Car wax, paint play of modification, small scratches can mask the slight;

color waxes: apply the body surface;

color wax scope of application: for a variety of Car paint.

7, chassIs protective wax

Wax chassIs protection characterIstics: suitable for paint, rubber, plastics and PVC paint, can be a long chassIs to prevent corrosion and crashing gravel, can prevent the surface color change, to the effect of noIse rust;

chassIs protected before the first chassIs washed waxes, rust and steel brush until completely clean and rust-free sprayable cases, need not shake the can before use the internal chemical can be sufficiently mixed;

chassIs protective wax Note: ThIs product Is combustible. It should be noted when used to protect the eyes, skin and respiratory system, can not be sprayed on the exhaust, brakes and vibration reduction spring, it must be diluted with alcohol use.

Tip: seventh bit dangerous, please use caution!

After reading the above characterIstics and which uses Automobile wax, the wax you buyWhen not look at the brand, but also the title and content of wax. Currently on the market liquid separation wax wax, and hard wax paste wax, wax election, to dIstinguIsh the use of wax. Sand polIshing wax and wax are not paint with protection, it Is used as a finIsh polIshing process; the decontamination, return the new action Is not optional wax, which contain abrasive ingredients for Cars.

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