What makes a good automobile tires, Michelin, Bridgestone which to choose?

current Car market Is extremely competitive, by contrast, the competition between Automobile tire industry are not much better, major tire companies are also constantly upgrading its products, product strength, and strive to seize more market share. But in thIs case, it has also spawned a lot of good tire brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, horse Cards, and so on. Today it Is said that the contest between two of the king, that Is, when Michelin and Bridgestone met, what makes a good Car tires?

as a Car tire sector two well-known brands, the competition between Michelin, Bridgestone and can not be done overnight, but should look between products competition. In fact, we have hesitated between the two brands had for a long time, when the original Car comes with Michelin tires to the useful life, do not know what brand of Automobile tires, and finally taking into account the price factor, chose to Bridgestone, but now in exchange for Michelin. Then also the two most intuitive Car feel to write out to the Car tires are still hesitant What makes a good consumer some reference.

Michelin tire most well-known than the muted effect, when the original Car comes with Hao Yue series tire inexpensive, but very good acoustics, and comfortable Is also great for a home-made SUV, the Car environment it brings be very quiet and comfortable. Before I did not change a tire, in fact, been mIstaken thIs Is a comfortable Car environment from Car prices on the vehicle due to the excellent chassIs tuning. But when the change of Bridgestone tires hit the mute comfortable, not only to find such a thing, whether it Is local or long-dIstance Car Car, two tires vary greatly in terms of acoustics. Although the use of equipment to test the numerical difference Is not large, but the actual experience Is very obvious. In terms of comfort, the gap between the two Is not small, always feel that after the change of Bridgestone, bumpy more vehicles, taking into account the effect of vibration worse. Later, after the Michelin tire exchange, the fact that I was not feeling wrong.

In addition to quietness and comfort, handling and stability Michelin tires Is better, at least in my choice of two products, the assembly Michelin stability of the vehicle at high speed cornering even better. ThIs Is also with Michelin tires tread design Is straightforwardThe relationship, by contrast, a larger area of ​​the Michelin tire contact with the ground. In addition, because of technology, when the tire reaches operating temperature, the grip performance of Michelin tires Is slightly better than the same Bridgestone tires up to operating temperature, to obtain greater stability.

As for the Issue of safety, fuel economy effect, life and other consumers put forward, in fact, Is really between Bridgestone and Michelin tires It Is much the same. But it Is undeniable that, with the same size tire properties, often lower prices of some Bridgestone, otherwIse we Will not tangle what brand of Automobile tires better. But compared to these two tires, the pursuit of comfort for consumers, it Is recommended that Michelin, after all, the price Is not much difference between the two.