What Is the chameleon chameleon paint and automotive paint spraying Frequently Asked Questions

First, what Is the chameleon paint?

color paint (of the type color ink spray) Is a means of a special paint other substances produce a color change. Category: Paint temperature change, UV paint color, paint becomes natural light at different angles (chameleon paint) and the like. into the paint temperature change when exposed to heat and achromatic color, cold or warm color temperature of the color change color and other more special paint color, can change color with temperature paint. In case of heat-containing compounds chemically reacted with the dIscolored wrapped into microcapsules. Basic colors: black, sapphire blue, dark blue, navy, red, red, rose red, orange, yellow, grass green, malachite green, dark green, etc. (toner)

Basic Temperature: – 5 ℃, 0 ℃, 5 ℃, 10 ℃, 16 ℃, 21 ℃, 31 ℃, 33 ℃, 38 ℃, 43 ℃, 45 ℃, 50 ℃, 65 ℃, 70 ℃, 78 ℃. UV paint color Is a color containing photosensitive microcapsules to UV light excitation produce a color exhibited color.

Second, chameleon paint color change how toner?

chameleon paint color change chameleon paint pearl powder Is determined, the toner Is not out. If the four-color chameleon powder after deployment of a good spray directly on the black color Will be showing four bell at different angles.

Third, how Car spray paint chameleon?

1, Will be sprayed object spraying and guarantee no mIssing requirements for black basecoat All All black, (high and individual chameleon except paint ), as one-component paint primer allowed reinforcing agent, simply by adding an appropriate amount of diluent to paint.

2, the chameleon paint bucket sufficiently stirred at 3-5 minutes, the complete hardener lacquer: hardener 10: chameleon paint was added to the 1.5 ratio, and stirring was continued for 1 after standing for 15 minutes to 2 minutesImmediately after use, be sure to use high-density pre-filtering, that appears when a filter material Is one of transparent color agglomeration aid components, Is normal to filter out. Was added to an appropriate amount of sprayed paint thinner.

3, chameleon paint spraying first pass quickly and easily once the whole Car blast, just a little to be able to see the color required in the second pass spray stream without hanging the chameleon paint spraying the compaction required to fully see the color effects have a gloss, a third pass 3 Is selectively spraying, spraying repairability, not only the coating Is sprayed onto or shades of color inconsIstency.

Fourth, the number of general spraying L chameleon paint a Car need?

generally require 2-3L, the operation also depends on the specific situation, such as the size of the area of ​​the vehicle, the operation of the master experience.

V. spray paint chameleon can change driving license?

may be, the Car can not apply for the color change, color change and then finIshed Vehicle AdminIstration to change the regIstration, in accordance with MPS (vehicle regIstration requirements), the owner of the replacement body color, pattern, they do not involve advertIsing meaning, character, can be found in the garage were qualified, spray paint chameleon.

Sixth, the chameleon spray paint for how long?

chameleon paint use Is good or bad depends on your use of varnIsh, varnIsh durable you can use it how long how long. We recommend using Ace lacquer or varnIsh Diamond DivIsion I.

Seven, how to maintain the spray paint on the chameleon? Something special attention.

no difference between the surface of the transparent varnIsh, the chameleon paint belongs to the basecoat, and, like other Automobile maintenance, Care Is any Car paint surface, by Car wash, polIshing, waxing, sealing glaze Care.

Eight, the deployment of a good chameleon paint Is not intolerant plan?

No, chameleon paint Cars and other single-component lacquers, varnIsh for the surface of the Car, it Is the basecoat, relatively good quality coating Automobiles varnIsh Is scratch-resIstant.