What car hit a car accident on the part be?

yesterday to ask our home fans down, he said, scraped the paint, thIs Car Is that an accident Car? I said, thIs Is not the Car accident, followed by a torrent came.

replaced the headlights count as Car accidents, speakers replaced the count, count steering wheel replaced the tires replaced the count?

Even if the Car had an accident accident Car?

accident Car Is not a mandatory requirement or standard

all of a sudden I can not seem to clear up the answer, it Is only looking for information, and no information on the above very clear argument, there Is no such provIsion or mandatory standards.

but the industry generally more accepted view Is that all the Car can not be dIsassembled directly replace these damaged parts, and can be regarded as a Car accident.

The above Car can change a lot of parts, a bad repair, you horn broken, you remove the horn to horn up another can not it Well, the truth Is the same bumper of.

can not be directly damaged even if the accident Car replacement parts

However, if the entire Car door and the door frame Is glued to a linked thIs place dented go, not any way alone open to change, thIs Is very easy to be identified as a Car accident.

These are non-removable you really want to repair such components, either the whole shaping out, make it even cut off, and then Is welded or how.

There are common sites stringers, the ABC column fender

Some of the more common parts, such as the Car sill Is the two beams from the rear to the front through a long, the opening Is to be seen in the engine, which Is the main structural bearing force.

ABC Car pillars, Car vehicle frame, an intermediate frame, the rear frame portions of the glass contact, thIs column ABCSome places, there are fender.

hit too, then most likely it Will be defined as a Car accident, that we hit a little so it Is no big problem.

detachable replacement of damaged parts Is not an accident Car

For example, what comes bumper cracked, paint want to change it, thIs Is not a problem.

There may still be confused to hear Why thIs column ABC beam had hit Will be counted as a Car accident Will be devalued, I do not feel safe or feel that thIs Is not the Car well it?

give you an analogy, if I was a rotten apple that it has a place, and I put a knife to cut off the rotten part, the rest also eat well, thIs would change our bumper speaker truth Is about the same.

girders, structural columns and other members not fully recover

However, if the girders, structural columns crooked hit thIs place, like a ball of paper, “it it it it” wholly crumpled it up, after the pinch then you flatten it, it Is impossible to flat like a new piece of paper, unless re-buy a new paper.

that thIs beam column ABC Ye Hao, thIs should change in the new and changed the Car a little too much difference.

there Is no way one hundred percent original and restored to the same state of components or parts, if subjected to impact or deformation, basically think it was a Car accident.

can not buy a Car accident?

small Car accident can buy

that Car accident can not buy it? Did I hit a little Car accident Is, do not throw away throw into the river? Some people buy, not necessarily say that everyone Is cheated before buying.

how about a Car accident you can buy it? Small Car accident, of course you can buy that analogy, although thIs Is the whole Car and stuck together, there Is no way to replace separately.

rear fender repair does not affect driving safety

For example, rear fender, to be honest the rear fender or even driven to the concave do not.

ThIs Car Is normally open no problem, security Will not be affected too much, I cut it off a re-weld up so what?

The exterior looks OK as long as no problem but also a multi-Car accident on the grounds but also that the price actually buy thIs Car Is quite good.

Large Car accident can not buy

we usually say you can not buy a Car accident Is often a big accident, it Is thIs front, just in front of me He said two longitudinal beams, or a side column ABC, which hit all crooked, and that basically do not recommend you buy.

for two reasons, one Is hard to repair the good, repaired Is super expensive, there are a hit thIs area, and thIs Is certainly not a small accident.

the other parts also problematic

For example, you have to think about the engine engine Now, it’s that two girders, close to driving local tanks have been deformed.

that basically hit the front almost like an accordion, can we hit thIs place are Knocked up, maybe not these two girders problem, and very hard to buy thIs thing.

Car accident depends on whether it can be fully recovered

So what the Car hit the Car accident on the part considered, not to see the Car hit it seems serious deformation Is not serious, but that it can not look one hundred percent recovery.

ThIs determination Is simple, a single head can be removed, like apples, thIs cut portion rotten no problem.

what Is broken headlight, headlight placement to get me to buy a new, bad bumper, bumper offloaded and put up a new, not all are like thIs problems when buying a Car price Is also higher.

can not be fully restored Car accident do not recommend buying

but if that Is the kind almost hit the engine compartment, there are two beams problems, side B-pillar knocked a bit recessed, but not cut, only hard and pull it out.

As I just said that the same ball of paper, you can no longer stand the kind of Car accident uneven, indeed I do not recommend you buy.

, “said the spare Car” Will give you a day for a small Car practical dry goods, please pay attention to the spare Car, said 60 seconds per day, easy to understand Car.