What are the common tools car repair?

Car repair common tools which

Auto Repair Tools include the following categories:? 1 electrical repair tools tire repair tools 2. 3 lubrication equipment and tools 4. engine tools The chassIs body interior 6. The service tool maintenance tools

electrical service tool maintenance mainly for the battery, a Car test pencil, battery connections line, battery charger, battery rust clamp

there are jack tire repair tool, wrench air guns, air gun sleeve, tire wrench, tire sheets, rubber cleaning agents

lubricating grease gun tools, barrel butter, butter muzzle, oiler, etc.

engine maintenance man has a filter wrench, a strap wrench, spark plug socket, tool timing, pIston ring clamp

having a sheet metal body interior repairman hammer, iron liner sheet metal, sheet metal and other filing shaping sheet metal repair tool panel removal tool, sucker glass, glass seal tools wooden handle blade or the like

having a repairman to repair the chassIs top plate, a sleeve set (containing ratchet Hand sleeve, the sleeve screwdrivers, hex, extension rod, etc.), bearing Rama, Puller, brake repair tools, etc.


What brand household toolbox

Kits according plastic material can be divided kit, kit metal (including iron, aluminum, etc.). Common household plastic toolbox majority. Family used to buy or big toolbox, such as Cedel, Stanley, benefits like, a hundred sharp tools, steel shield, Jaco, the Great Wall Seiko, Yi Seoul extension and so on.

What makes a good torque wrench

do a lot of professional torque wrench brand, has Dawei force, Hassett , East, Norbar so on. There are whole categories of hand tools GEDORE brand, Blue Point, Cedel, Stanley, steel shield, treasure together, Yi Seoul Billiton, Rio so easy to get.

determining a torque wrenchHand Is good or bad, the most important parameter Is the accuracy. Conventional torque wrench accuracy of 3%, 2% can do even 1% accuracy Is a handful. Hassett can do precIsion of 2%, while Dawei force, up to 1% accuracy can be done, of course, accuracy Is several times higher than the 2%.