What are the common faults car there? Looks awesome actually very simple, do not be scared repair shop

What are the common failure

Car there? It looks awesome actually very simple, do not be sCared repair shop

No matter how expensive the Car, not avoid failure, some failures are more Car common, but now most people only know how to drive these Cars completely understand knowledge, need not have to spend much money can be repaired, the repair shop he was immediately to flicker, the money did not last a little, to make their use increase in vehicle cost. Now keep a Car so hard, in order to avoid economic losses, preferably clear how these failures, do not be fooled.

exhaust black smoke. In thIs case surely we have seen, Is the most common on the Car, the main reason Is because the mixture Is too thick, gasoline can not be caused by incomplete combustion. When the Car’s burden too heavy, the cylinder pressure Is less than or Carbon ThIs phenomenon can occur when too much, because the causes are many, need to exclude it, to determine what specific reason, then it can be repaired, if air filter blockage or excess Carbon, should be cleaned or clear.

blue smoke exhaust pipe. ThIs Is because a large amount of oil into the cylinder, resulting in gasoline does not burn completely due. Remove the spark plug can first check, you can see a lot of Carbon, while checking the oil Is not too high, if the clearance between the pIston and the cylinder Is too large, it may be because the cylinder head gasket due to ablation.

Large engine noIse. ThIs Is the kind of relatively common phenomenon, when a lot of acceleration of the vehicle in place, significant abnormal sound, vibration in the engine compartment Will have, mainly on the Issue of the use, under the first check engine Is not appeared in the case of bump, while avoid traveling during the engine Is knocking the floor, be sure to pay attention to the road surface during driving, do not have to drag the bottom of the case occurred, thIs situation Is only necessary to remove the toe board, flatten corrected it.

conditioning odor. Many vehicles in the open air just obviously felt unpleasant taste, thIs situation Is more serious in wet weather, mainly because usually caused by improper maintenance, becauseAs prolonged use of air conditioning, dust and fluff on the clothes or the seat Will absorb on the surface of the condenser, time Will mildew, resulting in a lot of bacteria, if not cleared up, the gas Will make the Car people sucked into the body, thus affecting the health of the body. Therefore, to enchant regular air filter, air passages should be cleaned up.

These failures are more common, although it looks terrible, Is not complicated, but some very simple, thIs time, the owners only after understanding I know the real reason, at the time of repair also know what parts to be replaced, it Will be very easy to be fooled repair shop staff and sCared, then more harm than good.