What are automotive routine maintenance? 4S shop repair shop and how to choose?

Car as a universal means of transport now, many families have an even more vehicles on their Car, but the Car maintenance Is a problem a lot of drivers have a headache. Familiar words third repair seven support, no matter how good the quality of the Cars need maintenance, after buying the Car back, how maintenance Is a big deal, especially in the new Car, most people would choose to Carry out maintenance in the 4S shop. What are Automotive routine maintenance? How 4S shops and repair shops to make a choice?

Conventional Automotive maintenance item replacement and maintenance including oil and oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and pollen filter, the spark plug / replacement, gearbox oil the system checks related projects and maintenance. Oil, machine filter maintenance can be said that the most basic but most important of the two, and maintenance must be replaced every time something goes without saying. However, the problem maintenance time / mileage interval thIs Issue has long been debated, but there Is no result, and the maintenance time different models of Cars / mileage interval Is not the same, the next Shimo Qi Xiao Bian with numerical analysIs.

5000 km maintenance

Change the oil and oil filter Is mainly for maintenance of the lubrication system. The main role of the lubrication system Is that the various components of Automobile engines for effective lubrication to prevent excessive wear. Oil filter function Is to remove all impurities in the oil, to ensure the normal oil filter lubrication system to be replaced together with the oil when changing the oil. Under normal circumstances every Car traveling about 5000 km maintenance time required.

20,000 km replacement

Function air filter Is to be filtered before their air into the cylinder, wherein the removal of the entrained dirt, dust, sand and other foreign matter. Air filter cleaning and maintenance depending on use environment. Fuel filter Is generally replaced when traveling to 20000-25000KM. The spark plug genus consumable items, changed every 20000KM.

Further, brake fluid, transmIssion oil, battery, throttle, fuel injectors, brake pads and other components, when the fall detection routine maintenance items, depending on use for maintenance.

4S shop repair shop VS

4S shop Is actually a Car brand special maintenance, it Is designed for a particular brand of Car services, technical guidance provided by the brand manufacturers, raw material supply and a series of management supervIsion and annual appraIsal, 4S shop in long-term maintenance of your Car Will have a range of maintenance files. Shimo Qi Xiao Bian Is recommended to the 4S shop, though more expensive, but selling used Cars when the price of these records may be a lot higher.

Shimo Qi Xiao Bian today to introduce these Car maintenance knowledge, but different people have different views on thIs Issue and hope that riders can reasonably situation in accordance with their own Car maintenance.