Wash the car Will have more to hurt the car? Car wash workers: pay attention to these, perhaps it could wash

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with the decrease of the average income level of high and new Car prices, some people may have the ability to purchase a new Car for themselves. However, maintenance may be purchased after the vehicle Is not a small expenditure, the incident needs to be repaired, the whole Car routine maintenance such as oil changes or inspection Is an expense, even in peacetime you may also need to take into account the cost of the Car wash has a Car overhead. Some owners might like to wash the Car, it Will not hurt compare Car? Take a look at a professional Car wash workers how to say: pay attention to these, perhaps they could wash.

First, the cleaning agent Is selected to avoid alkaline detergent! ThIs may be the more important point. Some people may not know the paint ingredients that can effect with the usual laundry detergent, laundry detergent and other things Will be able to paint washed clean. In fact, alkaline detergent to paint a nightmare, if long-term use alkaline washing detergent, may paint surface Will gradually lost its luster, and may even cause permanent damage to the paintwork. In the Car wash please try to choose neutral detergent, can not only clean Car dirt on the paint can play a protective role.

Second, some Car owners in the face of relatively thick, or Is it harder to erase the stains may prefer the direct use of water cannons against the Car body meal erosion, which might wash away most of the dirt, but the Car wash Is also particularly hurt the Car. Rinse water cannons when the body can take away though most of the stains by a strong impact, but at the same time could have a huge impact paint, lead paint particles off the surface of the paint. Also like to remind owners are Cache time may need to avoid using rough cloth, rough surface Will hurt the paint, try to choose a soft cloth.

A final note, the place Is usually we do not pay attention, that Is, do not wash the engine directly! An engine compartment are generally used to monitor a large number of electronic components of the vehicleState, but there are a lot of pipes in the engine compartment. After flushing the meal Is likely to lead directly to the vehicle Is not working properly.