Want to open the car for 15 years? 4S shop repair master: thIs engine maintenance, opened 15 years no problem

would like to open the Car for 15 years? 4S shop repair master: thIs engine maintenance, opened 15 years no problem.

Car as a basic means of transport, have become commonplace, then we want to make the Car a long time to open some maintenance Is essential, and thIs one engine maintenance Is especially important, as the human heart, like a Car engine Is the heart. Today, small series just as we said a few tips right engine maintenance.

Alternatively the timing of oil and filter. We know to regularly change the oil and filter, but you know when to change it? When the impurity or impurities in the oil, the engine Will wear, thIs time we must promptly replace the oil filter. Oil filter with air filter works essentially the same, replace the filter, in order to better the oil filter impurities.

regular replacement of high-quality oil. Automotive engine oil lubricants for the Car how important I believe I need to say small series. Vehicle maintenance and oil change Is an important project, the poor quality of petrol Cars Will cause great harm. So, gasoline use good, do not try to save some money to buy low-quality gasoline, thIs Is a fatal damage to the engines.

periodic change coolant. Coolant name suggests, mainly to cool the engine. Now the weather Is so hot, coolant function should not be underestimated. Always pay more attention to the cooling liquid Car, not enough Will replenIsh. OtherwIse, the engine can not be cool, but Will be a big problem.

regularly clean the fuel system. Gasoline itself of impurities, so the gasoline in the combustion process Will produce some impurities, coke, a long time, these impurities affect on the fuel system Is still getting bigger, so we have to regularly clean the fuel system.

three filter maintenance. Is the so-called three filter: air filter, fuel filter, oil filter. They have the effect of filtering impurities, the engine play a very good protection.