Very few people know of maintenance skills, attention to four points, not 10 years into the car repair shop

Now, it has an own Car Is not a surprIsing thing, even now there Is no Car was unheard of. When it was bought, many owners began to believe knowledge of Car maintenance, because the emphasIs on Car maintenance Is directly related to the life of the Car. In Car maintenance, the most important Is the maintenance of the engine. Car engine can be said that the heart Is the most important accessory Car, so in thIs respect can not be sloppy. The following three things are absolutely can not do, and your Car Will be possible continuation of 10 years of life. At the same time the Car can not have ten years into the repair shop! But, you know, sometimes some of your moves might unknowingly damage your engine.

1. excessive oil

Function of oil mainly to the engine lubrication, cleaning, cooling, and anti-corrosion, which Is the engine must essential. In fact, the general increase in oil are part of regular maintenance or repair, 4S stores have been added or maintenance of the master well, they certainly do not pay more, but some owners Will also add privately, and often add too full, thIs Will lead to engine performance degradation, oil leakage, and even lead to serious explosion crankcase. So when the owner plus the amount of oil must master, added to the general scale cable.

2. The difference between the quality of the oil through the

As mentioned above the engine oil Is essential, but the market better performance recognized oil prices are more expensive, to and fro have to spend a lot of money. Some owners to save money, buy some inferior oil. These poor oil not only can not play a good role, may also exacerbate engine wear. I believe oil money and engine maintenance costs compared to not worth mentioning, the owners can not be too stingy.

3. The air filter Is not cleaned

filter effects on people wearing masks and the like which can stop the suspended particles in the air into the Car. Since it Is inevitable on which Will be attached to some impurities, it must be cleaned regularly. OtherwIse it Will complete fuel vehiclesWe can not fully burn, reduce performance. But also a serious cause direct damage to the cylinder and the engine.

4. long time idling

I believe a lot of drivers have a habit in the Car boot, etc. for a while driving, the hot Car. In fact, about a hot one minute, it has played a role in the protection of the Car. But if time Is too long Will cause excessive Carbon deposits inside the vehicle as well as injector fault, hot Car Enough Is enough ah.

Now the engine maintenance costs which are not cheap either, because of the complexity of the engine structure, large maintenance difficult, so owners in daily driving, must not do some damage to the engine’s behavior, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the engine. Do you have any suggestions on engine maintenance, welcomed the comments!