Vehicle refueling knowledge you really know it? Why repair shop always say: Look forward to your vIsit again

In recent years, with the upgrading of living conditions, Car owners no longer a strange thing. Some people say that buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult to remove Car maintenance, fuel costs would indeed become the biggest problem of keeping a Car. Many riders are taken into account at the gas station or to fill, time-saving, but also part of riders added only two hundred dollars, how much looking forward to next time oil prices fell. In fact, for vehicle refueling knowledge you really know it? Why repair shop always say: Look forward to your next vIsit!

for refueling way, we start to understand what Will happen to fill up. Due to urban planning, urban gas station less and less, almost all in the suburbs, leading to a growing number of Car owners prefer to fill the tank one time, older drivers are not the first to suggest that you fill the oil the easy way. We all know that the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, Imagine fill up the tank in case, because the gasoline in thermal expansion and contraction after the heat generated by volume expansion, resulting in bursting the fuel tank leak, resulting in a spark plug Is not working properly flameout severe encountered fire Is quite dangerous, I believe that the faithful Car think Will feel sCared.

Now we talk about the Car refueling knowledge. Many riders should have such a refueling feeling that one hundred dollars plus oil, more fuel-efficient than the fill. Why Is thIs? Is it an illusion, we all know that two hundred dollars of oil Is about one-half of the tank, most of the owners are away fueling a common hobby, it Is like to fight a bottomless tank refueling, by reducing load to achieve fuel-efficient purpose fuel, does have.

However, always in the case of two hundred dollars plus the tank bottom, the pump does not know a lot of heat generated during operation when fully submerged oil by the oil pump to heat, little oil, then pump easy to burn out in the long run it Is not far away from the overhaul.

old Car driver told the faithful, the correct way Is to wait until a quarter of the oil fuel tank can be added to the first jump the gun, try not to wait until the fuel gauge lights up, it Is easy enough fuel to reach the gas station, after all, a lot of gas stations in the suburbs. In fact, many times we Will have inadvertently damage to the Car, the real problem Is affecting fuel consumption from the engine coke problem.

Is a lot of engine deposits because of their driving habits and traffic pressure caused, such as traffic jams, stop and go, or slow driving Is often produced on coke. Resulting in lack of engine power, fuel consumption soared high, knocking cylinders and other adverse consequences, would have severe engine overhaul, while the engine deposits are our unavoidable. Here old driver told you, you must clean up Carbon deposits in a timely manner, to the 4S shop can handle, more convenient and timely way Is to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a bottle of fuel treasure, simple operation, easy and convenient.