Car Maintenance: Why do so many people insIst in the 4S shop to do maintenance it?

vehicle maintenance: Why do so many people insIst in the 4S shop to do maintenance it?

In many of my friends are in it after the first insurance, Will choose their Cars on the outside maintenance, and Will not choose 4s shop, in fact, thIs Car also ran for that period in 4s shop maintenance Will prevent the inside of the case appear Shuahua 4s shop, then although it Issued a new three packs of policy. Is no longer compulsory Automobile, have to maintain in 4s shop, but says it Is particularly easy to do it, it really Is actually the more difficult it Is to write three packs of relatively clear, three bags of seemingly written in relatively clear, but in fact also not particularly clear.

declared policy provIsions have been made, the shelf life of the Car Is within the scope of the authorization may not be the producer maintenance. If there Is to a certain problem, as long as the maintenance of a direct relationship does not occur, ah, or Is that the other 4s shop maintenance without causing damage to the operator can not eliminate such three packs of responsibility.

of the above-mentioned much, that Is, for three packs of policy have requirements in terms of maintenance, and the face of it, that really Is more straightforward and clear, in fact, does require 4s shop Is not able to force the Car in the shop maintenance, if really a problem, it Is necessary to prove that many of the problems, he Is not 4s shop maintenance Is no such causal relationship, thIs would prove more difficult, who Will do it? For thIs, the owners still need to prove himself. So how do you prove it? 4s shop also has a lot of reasons for waiting for us, so according to the relevant provIsions of the current owners want to prove a problem arIse and 4s4 shop Is not directly related, that Is the more difficult task, in thIs new rule itself Is the lack of owners protection, so there Is no better means of restraint 4s shop, even if we have to provide regular Car factory invoice or other proof of purchase and a series of proof, there Is no way to ask the oil 4s shop specifically for manufacturers It does?

Then there Is also the 4s shop Will have a variety of reasons and shamelessly, and Will ultimately be proven by third-party evaluation of institutional Issues, whether there Is 4s shop maintenance, whereas the cost and time for such money it Is absolutelyIt Is no less, and then there Is everyone so busy special, academic and 4s shops have not experienced such a good go, so the new policy for thIs. 4s shop just can not be prescribed to force, not in the shop maintenance problem arIses Car in the shop maintenance, which Is not a particularly large number of claims. For thIs case, the rule that Is far from perfect special, then for a lot of owners Will understand thIs simple truth, but of course also in the Car for the warranty period, Will have to do maintenance in the 4s shop, but also to do more peace of mind now, no one knows the 4s shop, its charge Is relatively high, so sometimes spend a little money to plan a peace of mind, for thIs Is also not much of a problem than from the outside can really save some maintenance, but the situation if a problem Is to create difficulties must arIse or lie, if we have the time and energy, and he Will be able to conduct a evaluation it? Adhere to 4s in the maintenance shop, which Is drawing a momentary comfort, after all outside maintenance time can really save some money ah, but it also depends on how the money Is kind of provincial law ah. For some of the province should save the province must absolutely not be able to save up, and for thIs it it really Is not worth the candle.

So to thIs point also reflects the good, Why Is there still a reason a lot of people in the 4s shop maintenance, for which you are in Car maintenance when it came to what the problem? The following dIscussion and may wIsh to communicate with it.