Car Maintenance vehicle maintenance knowledge fall five focus

In August has come quietly, autumn wore on. Huijin Car to remind, for vehicles, fall Car maintenance Is a very important aspect of vehicle maintenance. On the one hand, the fall Car maintenance Is the damage caused during the summer months to repair, on the other hand for the Car ready for safe driving in the upcoming winter. Here, we Will share fall Car Care:

1, the body

After a summer of sun exposure, there Will undoubtedly paint damage. Fall heavy dew, rain Is greater, the Car Is very wet surface. If there are vIsible scratches Car surface, and quickly took the opportunity to solve the comprehensive maintenance, in order to avoid accelerated corrosion in wet conditions, “wound” deterioration

2, tire

summer heat, people have kind of place explode the illusion, so some cautious owners, in the summer, Will let go a little tire pressure, high temperature to prevent explosion tire, back cold weather, tire pressure necessary to supplement the

In addition, cold tire rubber Will become hard and brittle, easily tie Tailou gas. Signs owners try to clean the front surface of the tire tread in driving debrIs, check whether scratches tread drum package

3, the engine

after the engine used for some time, especially after the long-haul travel out of the Car, a layer of sludge Will be deposited inside the engine, long time, it Will cause an increase in engine fuel consumption, lower power, and even cause damage to the engine, taking advantage of the season, to engine washing

also to be examined as well as the engine compartment, oil, brake fluid and antifreeze, to insufficient time to add, to ensure that the vehicle normal operation, antifreeze replacement cycle Is two years after the replacement period of freezing liquid should be promptly replaced with a new

4, battery

battery in the autumn Is the most problematic place, if it does not work, the engine Will follow the problem, the battery Will dIscharge naturally do not have long-term parked, ultraUse load Will also affect the results

at the electrode tab of the battery Will generate oxide green aging, these oxides can cause the green lack of engine power, if seen at the battery terminal green sediment, and quickly washed away with water, and then dried, sprayed oxide layer for preventing the protective agent to protect

5, air conditioning

summer Car often take some wading road, resulting in a lower portion of stained air conditioning cold suspect a lot of sediment, over time, Will make the condenser corrosion occurs, thus shortening the life of air conditioning.

If the air filter sieve Is recommended that the owner can be removed by washing with water, simple and economical. However, if the material Is activated Carbon, Will have to shop for routine maintenance air conditioning cleaning.

Also, check the adequacy of the refrigerant, the height Is normal, whether the compressor belts and air conditioning systems Is good hoses and fittings traces of oil, etc. Wait.

At the same time, the Car air-conditioning season for the first time use, access Qingdao Sheng Automotive repair and maintenance center air conditioning system would be best for sterilization and deodorization process, because the air conditioning system Will breed in the long off fungi and mold, it not only makes the air gives off an unpleasant musty odor, but also harmful to the health of occupants.

6, interior maintenance

As the summer temperatures, rainy, floor mats and other nooks breeding ground for many bacteria and dust, dust more prone to odor, with the advent of autumn, the window frequency decreased, the air inside the passenger compartment Will become turbid, odor and bacteria harmful to human health hazard. Then you have to do a full interior cleaning and sterilization for the Car.

do maintenance, cleaning agent Is preferably a professional interior sauna machine with high temperatures, so that the Car can not only remove the dirt, smell, while effective kill bacteria. Cleared, and then a protective agent against the interior for Care, you can make the Car interior look.

7, chassIs

Many Cars may look glamorous, but the chassIs had rust stains, full of loopholes. Vehicle Is in motion constantly splashed with sand impact the chassIs, the chassIs and in the rain easy to stick mud, and rust. Thus use of the oil cleaner chassIs simple cleaning.

It Is noteworthy that do not use an alkaline cleaner, rinsing detergent and other body and chassIs, otherwIse it Will affect the rust and rust shorter time.