Car Maintenance to the 4S shop or repair shop? Owners: If you want it? Warranty I do not go to 4S shop!

Cars in the modern world has become a very common thing, although the Car still belongs to one of your side items, but in improving the quality of life above the Car be able to expand the circle of people’s lives several times! No Cars only by bus, subway, bus to do a train. But after a private Car with a lot of convenience, we want to go, driving the herd, and whether it Is in deep forests, or the bustling city, as long as the road Will be able to go. Although convenient for life after buying a Car, but also a lot of trouble, Car failure, sudden flameout events broke down and so on, it makes the owner terribly upset.

so after the failure occurs naturally it Is to fix it, repair Is to the 4S shop or repair shop it? Owner: to ask? Warranty I do not go to 4S shop! The owners still relatively upright, ha ha, but the impression among the small series seems to be a lot of 4S shop or repair shops than professional, may still 4S shop maintenance personnel requirements Will be relatively high, are employed, but the repair shop not necessarily, and sometimes the shop owner service technician Will not necessarily good. The friends began to speak of hIs experience.

Li the owner once breakdown on the road, and a multi-line light at alarm, and finally I could not come to call the repair shop to repair, to the two youngster waited a long time to get that into the throttle sensor and can not be used, so he changed, spent more than 1,000, or replaced after I have not been repaired, and later called a trailer to the 4S shop, spent more than 600 dollars to get the original problem Is the fault line. ThIs shows that in fact, 4S shop maintenance staff technology Is still very solid

but the other Car presided over most of the differences of opinion: If you want it? Warranty I do not go to 4S shop! Most of the original owners have expressed to the 4S shop repair Is too expensive, one owner to the 4S shop inspection said that the assembly Is broken, it costs more than 400 rays, finally asked the master repair shop, for a safety on the line , and there Is a point 4S owners to change the oil, more than 700, but only 400 went to the repair shop. Some change air filters, one Is 90 dollars, and later found 90 dollars can buy 22 of the filter. have to sayThe price Is really expensive, no wonder no warranty to the 4S shop. So when you choose to go to repair shop or 4S shop to repair it?