Car Maintenance tips, repair, ask for help! You learn how much?

vehicle maintenance tips, repair, ask for help! You learn how much? Now the rapid development of science and technology, the times are making progress, so that our living standards are improving year by year, more and more people have money, and money to spend, which makes Car sales soared to a function-like, with it brings Auto repair industry Is the current hot Career, learned Auto repair vehicle maintenance Will know how much the prospect. Early on, Automobile materials, technologies and processes Is relatively low, compared to the difficulty of maintenance difficulty of today’s Car maintenance Is much lower, but with the improvement of the level of Car design now, the manufacturing quality Is also enhanced year after year, Car repair process and We are constantly updated. Many owners do not some scientific sense, the idea of ​​some maintenance appears to be correct, in fact, Is very wrong, but also has a strong awareness of these dangers, cause the vehicle to suffer unspeakable loss, are more likely to be for the future the vehicle accidents planted scourge. With respect to the awareness and small series summed up the points mIsconceptions, let us look at it!

the Issue of Car oil

Some owners believe that the engine oil increases, the better. In actual fact, adds a damage engines, he Will increase the rotational resIstance of the engine, but because the amount of oil Is more, it Will cause splashing oil so that Carbon deposits in the combustion chamber increases. There Is a proper amount of oil should be in accordance with the standard vehicle factory to add oil, if not, go to a professional repair shop to add oil Vivian, adds a note that oil Will cause emIssions exceeding your Car Oh!

Issue screws

for some bolts to follow the principles rather tight Do not loose, in fact, tightening the intensity of each portion of the bolt Car Is related to the value, like bicycles, electric Cars rolling line can not tighten, make you ride more strenuous. Tighten the vehicle must not blind bolt Is tightened can lead to deformed parts, even wear, serious cause thread breaks when you drive, you can not imagine the driver of a vehicle accident let appear life-threatening.

vehicle maintenance tips, repair, ask for help! You learn

the Issue of the pIston

For the pIston Is generally lifelong the free-for. But if for some special reason or special failure resulting in damage to the pIston, then you must want to change. On the pIston, which Is prone to explosion, if the engine Is knocking, they would cause damage to the pIston, but Is still very large, seriously affected the life of the pIston. And an engine rotational resIstance Will become greater than before.

vehicle maintenance tips, repair, ask for help! You learn

about Car repair

sometimes need to dIsassemble the vehicle maintenance checks you Will be assured of a lot. With the improvement of the level of manufacturing, Auto parts has been a lot of long life than the original, if now free to be removed to check it, it Will destroy the best running state part to part. Furthermore, it Is now testing technology vehicle has a new development, and now the Car using a non-detection technology with the failure after the dIsintegration of thIs technology in modern perfected day by day, if you do not find any one component or assembly when there are obvious errors, remember not to be overhauled.

vehicle maintenance tips, repair, ask for help! When you learn

questions about the engine

you start the vehicle, the engine the method for heating to perform the idling. If you use a method of heating an idle, then the engine speed Is relatively low, the lubricating oil can not be quickly pressed into the upper surface of each of the parts requiring lubrication. At thIs time the engine starts operating in a state of semi-dry friction. In thIs small series to remind you that an engine start period of time you want to use fast idle temperature of the engine to heat upBecause it would be better to protect your engine from damage.

vehicle maintenance tips, repair, ask for help! You learn

about Cars lock system

now requires Car We can not lock, so that each production Car to Car manufacturers Will be fitted with anti-lock devices, if once the wheels from locking, then turn the Car Will fail, but also the situation drift occurs susceptible to accidents. In the mountain and should install a fence, if once the wheels from locking, body flying out of time very dangerous. Although the vehicle has antilock these devices, but we have to be safe, not their lives to some of those objects with computer control, we have to safe driving, have a safe driving awareness in order to protect their own Personal safety.

vehicle maintenance tips, repair, ask for help! You learn