Car Maintenance, the regular 4S shops and general repair shops which to choose?

Things have changed, along with the lower threshold to buy a Car, the Car throughout the homes of ordinary people. However, after buying the Car but also how to keep a Car in front of the Car has become a large consumer population problem! Improper maintenance, Is said to earn lighter blood, to say the heavy Car crash! After

reported that 90% of Car users wondering vehicles out of warranty (normal), Is that adhere to the 4S shop maintenance or to the outside of the vehicle maintenance shop maintenance.

On thIs topic, controversial high. Some people think that, 4S shop maintenance fee Is high, and that maintenance Is to jump into the pit, to give them money to spend; also suggested that the low cost of outside maintenance shop, Autonomy and more flexible. Before the next conclusion, Professor wave analysIs of both advantages and dIsadvantages.

Normally, the maintenance 4S shop are substantially given by the manufacturer in accordance with the maintenance manual’s standard procedures, and replacement parts, 4S shop usually use original parts, quality more secure, more reliable Will be high, but the price Will be a lot more expensive than outside.

However, in turn think about it, thIs Is not without any money’s worth. You know, now available in original parts, are factory parts, deputy plant parts, scrap parts, refurbIshed parts numerous, if not the experience to really want to separate the area Is not easy, for Car owners, to the 4S shop maintenance Is to spend money to buy peace of mind.

Thus, it can be said in accordance with the maintenance manual to 4S shop maintenance biggest advantage Is that peace of mind, at least, reliable supply spare parts, repairs and maintenance out of the Car What Is the problem, know where to go rights, especially still in the “three guarantees policy,” the new Car, the peace of mind and easy.

and select outside maintenance has the advantage of high flexibility, want to go where to go. Accessories price, time charge for these much lower than the 4S shop. But you pay for, very often greedy “cheap” easy to lose, because the management are not standardized, and some outside maintenance shop items are outsourcing some repair shop, the quality Is difficult to control.

Of course, if you own or can be found through an acquaintance by the owners of praIse, high technical standards, and reasonably priced shop Is not impossible, then it Will also save money and worry. However, they teach their own terms, it Is recommended to use the current popular “keep a Car APP”, select where the vehicle maintenance, quality assurance, the rights Issue Is also easier, the key Is cheap ah!

So, back to the beginning of the text mentioned the topic to talk about in the end where to maintain better, more cost effective to go. Professor personally think that thIs question Is no standard answer, after all, everyone’s situation Is different. Should you are a white, Automobile aspect of knowledge Is not much known about, professor recommendations to the 4S shop maintenance, cost may be more expensive, but in accordance with the maintenance manual standards go, peace of mind.

the other hand, should the Car has been maintained in the 4S shop, be in the future when the transfer, used Car prices Will be relatively high; the use of Accessories Although performance Is not the best, but to meet the daily operation of vehicles required, but also as the original product, the quality Is definitely more secure.

for more experience and knowledge out there was more reliable Car maintenance shop, may wIsh to go out on their own the vehicle repair and maintenance. On the one hand, you can minimize maintenance expenses; on the other hand, have a more flexible, more freedom of choice accessories.

But then again, although a richer selection of accessories, and also be able to choose a better performance to the Car accessories, but thus brought Is a single maintenance price Will be higher than the 4S shop maintenance costs. But in order to have a better performance Car, which Is understandable, for love toss owners, as long as the ultra some value, it Is worth it.

Finally, the daily science into the professor, the original pieces, the positive plant parts, deputy plant parts, scrap pieces, tips or reconditioned dIscrimination techniques shown below :

, then there Is a thousand words,The only center. Late vehicle maintenance in the end Is to go to a professional 4S shop or street shops, different people have different answers. Formal 4S shop maintenance, worry and effort, but it takes a higher price for white owners; street shop maintenance, greater flexibility, but requires a variety of worry, for experienced owners of older drivers.