Car Maintenance taboos and common sense when you know what? Take a look

For many older drivers, they not only like driving the Car, also like repairing a Car. However, we have a saying Gehangrugeshan, each industry has its own something. Than the said Car repair, Car repair actually looks very simple matter. But also it requires a lot of skill but of which there are many tips. But it Will include some of the many taboos. Today we can not speak to drive and repair techniques, mainly to talk about a number of taboos of repair.

In fact, a particularly large number of people if the Car fails, Will say 4s repair shop does not have to go Well, I would not have those skills, Xiabu Qu hand these out. In fact, the reason Is very simple, in fact, nothing more than two, Is a small fault of their own can fix the Car 4s Will not have to point it, because it leaves a lot of Car maintenance costs for us; and many people are interest in the Car, like hIs repaired Car. For these, we do not Care what kind of reason, we certainly before their own vehicles, must first have some maintenance tips and some notes. Here also tell you that if we are unimportant repair or maintenance project can be yourself? But if you can say that some operations related to the design of vehicle safety, we’d better not Carry out their own repairs or maintenance.

So today when we talk about simple Car repair taboo:

(1) roadside repair Is not placing warning signs:

because of the current vehicle Is too much, so tight parking lot owners Will be parked on the roadside. Will lead to a lot of owners on the road maintenance from the vehicle; not just because of thIs, there Is a reason that if our bad Car accident on the way, in such circumstances only their own repairs. In fact, no matter what because, if we need to repair the road, we must not forget that warning labels be placed 50 meters beyond the rear. The purpose of thIs post Is to remind Car or pedestrians, leading to traffic accidents. Do not underestimate the warning signs, it Is very important. If no such warning signs on the Car, we must find some branches or other obstructions to play the role of warning.

(2) maintenance vehicle on the Banpo:

There may be many owners are a special effect, regardless of the road Happening. Some owners at the time of repair Is often not picked terrain, but also whether it Is flat or slope maintenance vehicles Will if nothing had happened. In fact, thIs approach Is not correct. Because, in the Banpo vehicle maintenance, vehicle generally easy to landslides. When we repair the vehicle, looking for flat terrain as far as possible. The operation must be done Is to check whether the vehicle pull up the handbrake. In fact, thIs Is just an insurance policy. For additional security, we must use an obstruction blocking the vehicle’s tires. To prevent the sliding of the vehicle.

(3) long-term operation of the engine in a closed garage:

Is now the owner has a transfer own garage, the garage Is also more convenient, so there Will be some owners to repair their vehicles in the garage. Many times, owners have to go test, the Car can not be avoided to be operated in a closed garage, but they ignore the effects of engine exhaust. Exhaust on the human body, but great. So in poorly ventilated garage must not run the engine for a long time.

(4) pipe plug suction mouth:

phase Will be such things, many drivers may dream friends it Will be done. And gasoline Is likely to inhale the mouth, in fact, that Is just do not understand. Here to tell you, if our own repair friends, met tubing plug remember do not use mouth to suck, because not only smelling of gasoline, but also toxic. Especially for those who leaded gasoline, may therefore into our tank. In turn may damage our nervous system and digestive system. If we did not control the intensity of gasoline Is likely to be swallowed belly Is likely to cause nausea, poIsoning, and even shock. So if hIs Car encountered oil plug must not rush through your mouth to suck, the best way Is to find our service personnel to exclude tubing plug.

in the top four of the briefing Is our own repair when the more common operations. We also repairWhen several major taboo. So, I hope to repair a friend, be sure to avoid these incorrect operation.