Car Maintenance should go to the 4S shop or general repair shop? Older drivers: here Is the right choice

Car Care should go to the 4S shop or general repair shop? Old Driver: Here Is the correct choice. Today’s society, we all know that people buy a Car really Is becoming more and more than before, but also for the general as a special means of transport, it really Is to our lives with to greater convenience, but after buying the Car, in fact, there are some more follow-up of the things that make us feel special headache, especially for vehicle maintenance and many people believe they already know Car maintenance Is also regarded as Is a very important thing, then to Car maintenance, when many people want to know if they are out of the Car after the warranty period, in the end should go to 4s shop maintenance or repair shop to maintain it, which Is so more many people are concerned about a particular Issue, because we have to Care for 4s shop, although that which Is better, but its price Is also quite expensive and fitness maintenance and repair shop downtown, then, for their cheap, may sometimes also did not let owners feel particularly at ease, but also for older drivers also tells us that only go Here Is the most correct choice.

for the Car, its maintenance Is already really into a very wide range, and may also sometimes Is to let us in the process of vehicle maintenance which really are some of the different parts of the sub to Carry out maintenance, then the maintenance for these different parts of it, in fact, for we also can choose some place different, if for four positioning of the Car, it Is best to choose to go to 4s shops, because for a four s store it actually stores the original data and after maintenance for wheel alignment can also go out of our ordinary repair shop Is more accurate than some, but its effects Will become more evident, especially for four positioning for, if it Is to go private repair shop to locate, it may for its maintenance Is also not particularly correct, and opened a few days of effort, it makes our Car appeared in a series of problems.

Another point Is the Car up painting, it Is best to 4s shops to be, sIster to feel that although we all know 4s shop up painting special price Is still relatively expensive, but for some color inSpecial Car, it Is best to take some big price 4s shop to bring up painting because the 4s shop for their Car thIs Is also regarded as a relatively unique, but also uniquely suited to fill some of the more special colors the paint, if the color of our Cars are more popular, so we do not need to go to 4s shops or ten million, just go to the repair shop can be ordinary, but if the paint Is very special, it Is best to choose 4s shop.

but when it comes to changing the oil in the Car to such a relatively simple maintenance, you still need to go to a general Auto repair shop on it, because for such a to not only save a lot of money, and change out the effect Is the same, after all, Is exactly the same 4s shop for the oil to be used, but for their labor costs it Is also quite high, but for some ordinary steam repair shop, they can charge are also labor costs when changing the oil, but it Is also a lot cheaper, the reason Why we need to decide where to go and maintenance, according to some different options, but also can give us eliminate unnecessary some trouble, but also to achieve better results. So those mentioned above Is Car maintenance, should go to 4s shop or repair shop, the old drivers go here Is the most correct choice.