Car Maintenance should go to the 4S shop maintenance or repair shop? Old driver: thIs Is the right choice to go

vehicle maintenance should go to the 4S shop maintenance or repair shop? Old driver: thIs Is the right to choose

We all know that more and more people buy a Car, then for thIs Car, Is indeed to our lives brought a lot of convenience, but after buying the Car there Is also a lot of follow-up thing to do Is to make us feel special headache. Especially for the maintenance of the Car, I believe many people know, for the maintenance of the Car it really Is very important, then give Car maintenance, many people are very want to know if our Car in the end should go out after the warranty period 4s shop maintenance or repair shop to maintain it, which Is a lot of people are very concerned about a problem, because we all know that thIs 4s shop for maintenance, although it may look better, but a little its price Is very expensive, and the city repair shop, now it’s cheap and sometimes they are not likely to be able to rest assured that we are very old driver told us just to go here Is the most correct choice.

In fact, for thIs Car, its maintenance Is also divided into many, sometimes we may in vehicle maintenance, there really Is points different parts to perform maintenance, then perform maintenance for these different parts, in fact, we can choose a different place, if that Is positioned for thIs four Cars, the best still need to go to 4s shop maintenance, because for the 4s shop, he actually stores the original data so that they are positioned for the four out of the maintenance Will be more accurate than we went to a little ordinary repair shop and its effects. Also Will be more obvious, especially for the four positioning, if we really are to some private garages to repair, it may not maintain its correct 10. It Is also possible that we did not open in a few after days of our Cars Will make a series of problems emerged.

there Is our Car up painting, the best Is to store up to 4s paint. While we all know that for the 4s shop up painting, its price Will be very expensive, but for some special color of the Car, we’d still need to spend a large price band 4s store up painting becauseFor thIs 4s shop, the paint of their Car Is relatively unique and Is well suited to fill some of the more special color of the Car, if the color of our Cars are more popular, then we do not need to go to thIs 4s shop up painting, and just go to some general repair shop on it, but if we say that the color of the Car Is really special, then better go to 4s shops can.

But if we just so ordinary maintenance usual change engine oil and the like, then, in fact, you can go to the Auto repair shop maintenance, because then not only very to save money, but also to change out the effect Is the same, after all the oil used to 4s shops are also the same, but their labor costs are very expensive, but for some ordinary repair shop, then they change oil when the oil Is the same but their labor costs are much cheaper so that we also need to decide where to go so we maintain, Is the most correct choice based on a different choice.