Car Maintenance needs touch-up painting, 4s shops outside the big difference with it? Whether satIsfactory

now because living conditions are relatively affluent, so many people at home have their own private Car, but the face of private Cars where to Carry out maintenance Is more a headache. Many people Will be faced with such a problem, outside or go to 4s shops, if outside maintenance better, then it Is possible, afraid to encounter bad service provoke a bunch of trouble, there Is no way to solve the problem. For warranty and repair mechanical and electrical components, it Is best to shop 4s, 4s shop after all, has a factory original parts, compared to a lot of good outside, some related maintenance staff and it took a lot of the training process, fully sufficient to meet Some of the usual maintenance cases. But the face paint outside the Car a lot of people Will choose to repaint behavior on the outside, after all, in the eyes of many people outside 4s shop workflow and workflow difference Is not very big, so 4s shop and not much on the outside in difference, and 4s store more expensive.

So the difference Is in the end be? In fact, painting Is easier said than done but there are a lot of steps, each of the processes are sloppy, after all, a mIstake Will affect the final result of painting. In 4s shop what good Is it? Each monitor has a record of all, so that you can ensure that the final product has come out of a certain quality guarantee, if any quality problems, you can ask to see the relevant records, be done over again. So how much Is almost no problem in the 4s shop, even if it Is not very big foible, they may also be reworked repainted, ensure customer satIsfaction.

points out there should be all sorts of maintenance personnel, the encounter experienced technical Well, maybe not a big gap and 4s shops, but if it Is not very good service personnel met, then the painting Is not just a bad situation occurs, a series of color and other Issues may also occur. After repair, if you are not satIsfied and want to let them renovated, they Will have a variety of reasons for refusal were put off, thIs time can not argue, can only lose himself secretly.

generally occurs paint scratches or damage are produced by accident, or their own Careless driving Is not met, if the purchase Auto insurance, these can do a reasonable process to make up, it IsMany cases are insurance companies look at a given situation, and then went to 4s shop for maintenance, thIs Is the most relaxed of a practice. Of course there Will be many other cases, to our own to Carry out repairs, thIs time we Will have the depth to be considered, after all, if you do not, then, have to be re-repair, Is very troublesome thing.

with the outside face of 4s shop choice, in fact, Is the difference between good and bad problem with the quality of service, if there Is a good selection on the outside, Is good, but if it Is not, as far as possible or go to 4s shops more secure.