Car Maintenance must go to 4S store? 10-year-old driver dIsclosing a big secret!

Whether novice or old drivers, vehicles or small cut rub accident certainly encountered, often in the river walk, how can we avoid wet shoes! So must go to 4S shop repair it? Animal husbandry, the tenth day of the old Car was hit by another Car, and also has its own hit the curb, which pay a lot of tuition repair, or maintenance go 4S shop, really have to look at the situation.

The following best case to the 4S shop repair

1. The Car more severe injury , such as the need for large parts, it Is best to go 4S shop, general Auto repair shop fittings mIssing, can not be repaired to the original appearance, 4S shop specializing have different models of thIs brand parts, so a high degree of reduction, and full payment of the insurance company case, more to go 4S shop, spend the money anyway, do not you dig. And 4S shop for your Car are more familiar with a high degree of professional chef, thIs repair up quality Is guaranteed.

2. The other party to pay the full responsibility, it Is best to go to 4s shops, because no matter how much money to repair all the other insurance company, 4S repair repair quality assured Is very expensive, anyway, not their own money, if the other party Is the largest insurance company would be better, to change the requirement to replace as much as possible. And you worry about the province, and now insurance companies 4S shop Is seamless, as long as you drove past, the requirements which must be replaced on the line, the rest pay a 4S shop, they generally receive the insurance company Peifu Kuan after’ll let you lead Car friends.

Some people Will say you are silly, you can let the insurance company to assess the damage, and then open hIs own Auto repair shop to repair, which you can also make a difference, not wrong! Seems you earn a little money, the Car repair quality you ease it?

the following conditions to the Auto repair shop more cost-effective

1. They are fully responsible for the maintenance uncomplicated case, more cost-effective to the Auto repair shop, the insurance company Will be considered next time your insurance costs based on the number and amount of the dangerous condition of payment.

2. Small rub, go without insurance for their own small Auto repair shop to repair it, to a much lower cost, and secondly, not high technical requirements.