Car Maintenance it would be, but thIs Is to find out, figure out the engine to be scrapped

time as an arrow, Riyuerusuo blink of an eye we’ve had from the relatively backward era, into the now, whether in economic or social aspects of the progress in science and technology among. So with the continuous development of U.S.’s science and technology, it also brings a lot of our products can be convenient for our lives, like talking on mobile phone and Car. Car to some extent, facilitated my trip, it can improve the speed of our trip, we also provide a more comfortable environment, so that we can enjoy the pleasure brought by high technology in the process of moving them.

and in everyday life of most people around us have one of their own Car, buying a Car Is also a growing number of people. So in fact, for the Car also has a constant saying, and that Is easy to buy a Car, keep a Car difficult. In daily life, we should be able to find the cost of buying a Car really did not have much, but in a subsequent process, maintenance and fuel aspects of your Car performed spent expenses add up to a few can be said that the cost of buying a Car times, so for each of us Car owners, most people want to save yourself the cost spent in the Car above.

Car repair We do not have to go to a professional repair shop 4S, you can also go to some roadside Auto shop, of course, if you have own strength of the case, in the home can also be directly started repair. Because we should all know the cost of 4S shop Is very high, almost every service we have to spend about a 1000. Here old driver to tell you some common sense about the Car, let you in daily life, can be Car maintenance or repair themselves, went to see it.

In fact, for the Car, should all need to add a glass of water, for most drivers, they all think it’s relatively simple, so are home of their own hands, but in fact, when added to a glass of water if a step mIstaken, engine basically need to replace a new one.

In fact, a glass of water for the Car Is very important, because it not only can eliminate stains on the Car, you can also prevent static electricity, then into thy glass of waterWhen we must pay attention, to pinpoint water glass entrance. Next to the Car’s engine, usually there are two filler, and a glass of water filler, antifreeze Is a filler, filler sure to dIstinguIsh these two together, if these two entrance confused, it Will be very troublesome. Plus a small amount of the wrong glass of water, and probably Will not have much impact, but if more than a certain degree of antifreeze glass of water occurs with a series of chemical reactions, and thus make the Car’s engine appeared some failed.

Therefore, when you add water glass must dIstinguIsh antifreeze and water glass filler oh.