Car Maintenance Is good to go 4S shop, or go out into the repair shop good? Old driver told the truth

Is a good Car maintenance to the 4S shop, or go out of good repair shop? Old driver told the truth! I believe there are a lot of owners at the time just bought a new Car two years ago, they also Will go to 4s shops to do maintenance, so after out of the warranty period are not Willing to go to 4s shop, but Will choose acquaintance Automotive beauty Car maintenance shop to do it, Is thIs Why? The most immediate problem Is because they are inexpensive, if not very familiar with the old Car driver, then also the fear of 4s shop to mercilessly slaughter meal, in fact, thIs Is indeed a real problem, but personally feel that a 4s shop maintenance something quite good, today we have to look at it.

The first Is the Car up painting, and in the 4s shop up painting, it would surely make a good Auto repair shop outside, because there are some Car Car machine outside the Auto repair shop also do not have a fundamental, because the color Is very special, so very few people on the outside may be able to make up some of the more popular colors, like black and white does fit, but the only bad 4s shop where Is because the price Is too expensive, and time charge Is really expensive, Is also a need to buy materials inside the shop, which Is outside of the Auto repair shop, relatively speaking, more advantages, and it Is also very cheap work costs, material Is also can bring their own, that fill out the results, good or bad you can only themselves to bear.

Then there Is the 4 position, so thIs kind of thing, it Is best recommended that you go to 4s shop maintenance, because the original data 4s shop there, and they do come out of the positioning Is relatively more accurate than the Auto repair shop to do, it Is no doubt in EnglIsh, in Auto repair shop do not open 4 positioning the Car a few days wandering the situation Will be, so the words are also very dangerous.

In fact, we replace things, although very loose on the outside of the Auto repair shop inside, for example, you want to change the Car’s oil, Is then fully available online themselves to buy oil, then put the oil to the Auto repair shop master to give you something to make the replacement, as long as you buy something Is genuine, then the relative Is also very cost-effective, just give a dig maintenance master on wages it.

However, if your Car Is bought, it Is recommended to buy a new Car, preferably in the 4s shop maintenance, and after thIs, if Paul really take off, just not a big problem, for some small maintenance, for example, to change the engine oil, etc., which are also in there can do outside the Auto repair shop, after all, than the 4s shop outside the Auto repair shop in the price of more expensive, so if the Car Is Some large maintenance, so far as possible or go to 4s shops, so more security, it would be assured.