Car Maintenance in the end Is to go to 4s shops to repair good or good plant maintenance?

Friends of Car owners should have had similar problems, in the end Is the Car to the roadside repair shop maintenance? Or to the 4S shop maintenance?

roadside repair shop although the price Is cheap, but the repairman technology uneven, and if they do not 4S stores in 3 years or 100,000 km warranty and maintenance, Is likely to be seen as de Paul behavior manufacturers, if there are problems not warranty ?????? However, to the 4S shop maintenance, and fear Is the “pit”, obviously you can also make use of advance replacement parts and labor costs, material costs are expensive side ??????

to the roadside repair shop biggest advantage Is cheap! and a lot of repair shops allow you to buy their own oil, filter machines and other replacement parts. ThIs would avoid the “pit”, compared to the 4S shop maintenance can save a lot of money. Their Car, for example, to the 4S shop small maintenance about once a basic $ 500, and go small maintenance roadside repair shop for a basic 300 yuan.

However, in a roadside repair shop maintenance also has three more worried.

First, the repair shop master technology uneven, some craft apprentices, but off different models do not know much, could it well during maintenance of some widgets . For example, when a roadside Car repair shop maintenance, repair because unskilled laborer master when changing the battery, the battery caps are not familiar with how the demolition, the battery cover several bayonet snapping.

Second, when the maintenance repair shop, oil, filters, gas filter, spark plug replacement parts may be purchased in the store, also purchase online. However, the two channels are people not buying at ease. After all, too many fakes on the market, if you do not have technical or professional to identify genuine channels, it Is difficult to ensure buy Is genuine.

Third, many owners are most worried about Is not a friend 4S shop maintenance, insurance Will be considered off behavior. As we all know, new Car manufacturers generally have three years or 10 km (whichever comes first) warranty period (also called the warranty period), if a failure occurs due to the main components of non-human collIsions and other reasons, manufacturers can free repair within the warranty period or replacement. But many Car manufacturers have similar “Is not factory authorized dealer for maintenance,The warranty can not be “the relevant provIsions. Therefore, many Car owners feared that if problems arIse, manufacturers Will be in a non-authorized dealer maintenance before it to take its own” passing the buck “??????

try to pick some of the more formal (large-scale), preferably with the chain in the form of Car Care center to maintain the Car, so that both the level of quality of Care or repairman have some guaranteed.

in other online shopping or purchase their own sources of oil, filters, air filter parts replacement during maintenance and the like, as far as possible to identify the authenticity of an article by a multi-comparIson, avoid fakes damage the Car.

If the Car warranty period Is really quality problems have emerged, while he was not any in the 4S shop maintenance, do not panic, first determine whether a direct relationship with the quality of Care (can be detected by the relevant agencies if necessary) if maintenance Is to replace the engine oil filter and air filter machine, and the Car’s gearbox failed, it would belong to the manufacturers of quality problems As long as there has been no repair parts problems, but also raIse For relevant evidence, then, can enjoy a normal warranty, but can not avoid the 4S shop wrangling, even to professional bodies were identified, although able to protect their own interests, but the process may be more twIsts and turns.

the greatest advantage in maintenance 4S shop Is assured, regardless of the quality of service or the quality of materials, are guaranteed. However, the price paid Is at the same time spend more money! I Will not speak of expensive man-hours fee Is the same model of the same brand of oil, 4S shop should sell more expensive than outside. of course, your work costs, material costs also may be able to be expensive, most can not tolerate Is that some “black” 4S shops in order to maximize the benefits , relied on Car owners do not know, Fudge owners spend more “repair” obviously did not notice that you have bad parts damaged and need repair or replacement; or obviously should not replace the parts replacement notify you in advance ???? ยท

4S shop for replacement parts in advance fooled you act, the best way Is familiar with the Car’s maintenance manual. has the general maintenance manual for each Car maintenance needs more time Things, if there Is no clear sense of where Car problems, in strict accordance with the requirements in accordance with the maintenance manual warrantySupport can be.

before the News reported, a number of “black” 4S shop, in order cratered you money, time and maintenance to intentionally damage your components, then notify you repair or replacement. For thIs offense, if it Is found that consumers can immediately to protect their legitimate rights and interests through legal channels. However, sweet potatoes once privately and 4S shop maintenance master talked, though, and can not deny the exIstence of such “deceptive” phenomenon, but for a second-tier cities, Car ownership Is relatively more, the vast majority of normal 4S shop maintenance live also busy, got the time and effort you have to deliberately damage the Car? Take California where the sweet potatoes, the weekend day 4S shop maintenance vehicles lined up on more than 20 vehicles, in order to reduce customer waiting time , 4S shop stringent requirements of basic vehicle maintenance of normal time (40 minutes Car), if the timeout, responsible for the maintenance of the master may also face thIs fine ??????

after understanding roadside repair shop and 4S shop maintenance of their pros and cons, I believe many of my friends also had their hearts number. “Passing the buck” in my event, if your Car has not had the warranty period, and that in order to reduce the unfortunate event of quality problems occur, or honestly the most reliable in the 4S shop maintenance. If after the warranty period, but you did not purchase channels to fly genuine replacement parts and maintenance, or not around more formal, large-scale Car Care center, and that was get down to the 4S shop maintenance, after all, spend money in exchange for more peace of mind. If after the warranty period, but also the surrounding normal chain of Car Care center, it can be from the outside 4S shop to enjoy a more affordable Care. However, when it comes to vehicle structural components to be replaced, such as a spark plug, a timing belt, brakes, etc., or to replace a member shop 4S most secure.