Car Maintenance go 4S shop? Or repair shop? Such repair can save money, many owners do not know

As more and more people buy a Car now, many people travel more convenient and well-being. However, for Auto repair and maintenance, but also each owner’s “heart hate”, I believe that most owners have had such thoughts, it also has, and that Is when the Car maintenance, go 4S shop? Or repair shop? While thIs seemingly simple choice, but the real choice of the owner, but in fact have quite tangled, of course, including the author. And we all know that, 4S shop Is good, all aspects of security, but charges high; the other hand, the repair shop, although the fee Is not high, but the maintenance of quality assurance Is not particularly “tricky.” So on thIs selectivity Issue, I dIscuss it with everyone to explore, vehicle maintenance go 4S shop? Or repair shop? Such repair can save money, many owners do not know.

for vehicle maintenance, go 4S shop? Or repair shop? Although the choice has tangled, but we wIsh to set out the advantages and dIsadvantages of 4S shops and repair shops!

One advantage of 4S shop

professional repair, Car repair technician level high, training for a long time, to understand clearly all parts of the vehicle brand. well-equipped professional maintenance, troubleshooting and accurate. perfect accessory system management, factory supply, quality assurance in place. service quality problems, can safeguard their rights, and rights difficulty Is not high. good work environment, tools neatly, professional and strong. Second, the dIsadvantage 4S store

Maintenance Price high fees, accessories price Is relatively high, high time charge (different vehicles of different brands of time charge). serious problem of excessive marketing, additional maintenance costs, resulting in the owner offensive. maintenance processToo cumbersome, time-consuming high cost, even ordinary maintenance, but also at least half a day. relatively remote location, most of the 4S shop in the suburbs, convenience poor.

Third, the repair shop advantages

price Is not high maintenance, no over-selling phenomenon, the owners choose relatively high flexibility. stores a wide geographical dIstribution, maintenance and ready to go, do not make an appointment. Fourth, the shortcomings repair shop

Is not perfect after-sale system, maintenance occurs when the problem, the owner of rights difficult. Is not high maintenance professional service technician skill levels. to repair all parts of the vehicle directly clear enough to understand. for repair and maintenance of quality assurance Is not high.

through the advantages and dIsadvantages of 4S shops and repair shops of the four set out, I believe with the author as the owner, have a direct understanding. But the how to choose, then there Is still some tangled nature. So the advantages and dIsadvantages 4S shops and repair shops, we can make a targeted selection.

If these problems occur, it Is possible to 4S shop maintenance

vehicle warranty during the period, regardless of the size of the problem, we should go to 4S shop maintenance. OtherwIse, the quality of maintenance problems arIse, 4S shop may not be warranty. The core member (such as the engine, transmIssion, chassIs suspension, vehicle line) can directly affect the safety and the influence to the vehicle, directly to 4S. after all4S shop for more professionalIsm in thIs area, and quality assurance in place after maintenance, for rights Is also easy. Electronic components and interior line problems, 4S shop to be sure, because of technical limitations by the maintenance, repair shop of the vehicle circuits typically lack certain maintenance capability. If only simple questions, can go to the repair shop maintenance

general replace the oil, replacing the filter, the problem Is not strong professional spark plug, tire, chassIs armor, etc., can complete documents to the repair shop for processing. After a warranty period, deal with some simple questions, you can also go to the repair shop for processing. For example: replacement tires, glass replacement, minor scratches, rub a small area and so no actual impact on vehicle safety. Through the above said, in fact, how to make a choice, Is already a thing more in place. And such repair can save money, but by the impact of the 4S shop, many owners do not know, or did not dare.

written in the last

In any case, any there are big problems in the vehicle, or to the 4S shop better. If only some minor problems, then compare it to the repair shop, but time must be within the warranty period. Of course, as to how to do, in fact, according to the owners of their own choice, if that Is not enough reliable repair shop, then 4S shop Is the first choice, if they feel 4S shop Is too expensive, it Is preferred repair shops. So how do you see it? Better to tell your opinion in the comments area.