Car Maintenance for 10 years, but can not repair the new energy vehicles, he came close to being fired by the boss!

Mr. Liu, 30 years old, engaged in Auto repair has been 10 years in the industry can be considered an old master. The past eight years he has been working in a 4S shop. But Is such an old master, but can not repair because of new energy vehicles, came close to being fired by the boss, which in the end Is what causes it?

we take a look at the industry background

As people raIse environmental awareness more and more people choose green travel. According to the latest data released by the Federation show that in March 2020, the national passenger Car retail market reached 1.74 million units, down 12.1% year on year. In contrast, the new energy market trends and sales rose to 11.1 million units, year on year growth rate of 100.9 percent.

new energy vehicle sales surge but also for some Car dealers boss began to slowly transition, where the 4S shop owner Mr. Liu Is also aware of thIs, so now basically selling all new energy vehicles.

10 years old master, almost expelled!

Because the store sells Cars are basically new energy vehicles, some of the old employees have not previously qualified for work now, so the boss began to recruit a lot of new people, and slowly to eliminate some of the old staff. For Mr. Liu Is, after all, did so many years in the 4S point, can be considered to be the longest of all employees, so the boss has not the nerve to tell him open, just arrange the personnel manager to tell Mr. Liu, to strengthen their learning, or the next a dIsmIssal may be hIs.

Why can not repair Liu new energy vehicles?

Some people may wonder, Why Mr. Liu Is such a master craftsman, but it can not be repaired new energy vehicles. It turned out very different new energy vehicles and fuel Cars. For example, in terms of voltage, voltage fuel vehicles only 12 volts or 24 volts, and the voltage of new energy vehicles involved often as high as several hundred volts, a non-secure voltage, therefore, repair, new energy vehicles required to hold electrical permits to mount guard. And Liu Is no electrical permits, boss naturally not let him to repair the new energy vehicles. After

systematic study of new energy vehicle maintenance

through a side point of the boss’s wake Mr. Liu Is no longer hesitations, he took leave of absence with the boss, looking for a professional school, and began training to learn new energy vehicle maintenance divIsion. After a period of efforts, Mr. Liu got the Car repairman, electrician certificate, but also to get a job Card electrician, and learned a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical operation aspects of the new energy Automobile.

before the boss indifferent, and now the boss can not afford to climb up

Liu after graduating from school, the school gave him a job recommendation, salary also rose a lot. At a time when Mr. Liu’s boss began to take the initiative to contact Mr. Liu, he hopes to go back to work as soon as possible, and Is Willing to give him a raIse. However, Mr. Liu refused boss kindness. For no other reason, even if the boss gave Liu a raIse, Is still not recommended high school business, and there are many other companies are digging grab him.

As can be seen from the experience of Mr. Liu: to keep up with the trend of the times, there Is likely to be slowly phased out. Work hard to learn, to strengthen their skills, Career naturally can accomplIsh a great deal.