Car Maintenance, choose a good repair shop or 4S shop good? Old drivers as we summed up the points!


With the rapid economic development of society now, more and more people buy a Car, go out now most talked about Car maintenance or problem, and maintenance problems has been the most troublesome problem many owners If you choose to go to 4s shop maintenance, then spending and too high for the average family it Is not a small burden, and if you choose to go to the repair shop, then your heart how not worry, there Will be fear of the store hair part of the phenomenon, so do Car maintenance, whether it Is good or go to 4s shop repair shop Is good? Vehicle maintenance, choose a good repair shop or 4S shop good? Old drivers as we summed up the points!

new Car warranty period, we recommend that owners go to 4S shop maintenance. Because the vehicle in case there are any Issues that need to enjoy a claims service, service advIsor Will review the maintenance records of the Car, if we are to Carry out maintenance on time in the 4S shop, without any problems, immediately give you a free replacement and repair. But if you do not find in the 4S shop maintenance records, it Will ask the owners to provide repair shop qualification certificate, vehicle maintenance certificate and a lIst of replacement parts.

4S shop special master professional, professional core words Is designed only thIs brand of Car repair, repair thIs brand vehicles every day. Repair more, it skilled, less time spent, the same problems the Car see much, it Is easier to diagnose the problem, fix your Car. It’s the chance of error Will be relatively low, maintain a good quality of construction, thIs Is a good place 4S shop, repair shop and it Is still not the same.

On the other hand, the repair station can solve more problems. Maintenance instructors are really powerful open hIs own repair shop, he resolved not handle you, I can handle these Issues, rather than saying we can do, I do it faster and better. Repair shops and maintenance costs Will save a lot if you say an oil change, air filter, gas filters, filter these things, they Will not recommend to you what other packages, to replace purposeful effort. A little old driver of the Car love thIs place, Is the only choice.