Car Maintenance and repair shop go to the 4S shop What Is the difference? Owners: want good and then decide!

vehicle maintenance and repair shop and go to the 4S shop What Is the difference? Owners: want good and then decide!

for the first time many owners are generally in the maintenance shop for the 4s, 4s shop as the first insurance Is free after buying a Car, while in the Care of the owners after selecting more Is a familiar repair shop, because such expenses may be lower, but what kind of difference between these two different maintenance Will it? Certainly a lot of people there Is thIs confusion, we look together.

The reason Why the price Will be higher in addition to the service fee Is more 4s their prices for parts in the shop, because whether they are some of the repairs or replacement parts are provided with the original, vehicle maintenance and repair shop go to the 4S shop What Is the difference? Owners: want good and then decide! That Is our replacement parts are original Auto parts, higher security but Will also improve its cost price, so the fees charged 4s shop Will be high.

Let us look at their staff, shop staff now in general are supported by the factory, so it Is not a trick of their own professionalIsm Is higher, and they are just a Car for, say, Honda’s Automobile maintenance personnel understand their clearer for Honda Cars, that other repair shops to be able to better earnings, so no matter what kind of Car they know everything but after too complex Will not be too fine.

we have said before the 4s shop manufacturers are generally supported, so once the point of failure and unexpected everyone can directly to them, in general, if unexpected find 4s shop can get a reasonable result, 4S shop high vehicle maintenance costs, repair shops and maintenance can not be trusted? The owners go from here? But now out of repair shops in general it Is personal, just a repair shop size of the problem.

so if it Is in the repair shop can not guarantee the quality of service, if they have a dIspute, as well as compensation for the results of the two sides after accidentProblem they may not want, and if it’s a small repair shop quality assurance Will be smaller, so thIs Is how to choose between the two should be a clear understanding of it.

we do not lack the money, then the best Is to go every 4s maintenance and repair shop, if we just an ordinary who does not want to spend too much money on a Car, everyone can find their own outside repair shop but thIs requires certain skills, we are looking for when the repair shop must find their own acquaintances, or spending it and 4s shop Is about the same.