Car Maintenance and operating principle balance inquiry

as the country vigorously promote environmental policy, environmental awareness gradually. A stylIsh and environmentally friendly means of transport gradually appear in people’s eyes. As modern means of transport, which meet the diverse needs of modern people, such as the stylIsh, compact, easy to Carry …… many advantages came into being, by the majority of users, but also to many users put it down.

First, tell us about the main components of the balance of the Car, so that we have a detailed understanding of it.

Structure AnalysIs: All Cars are constituted by a balanced five major sections. And indIspensable, but also created it in people’s minds irreplaceable position.

Circuit Control module: a module which comprIses all components of the sensor, and a computing module controls the rotational speed of the motor module.

The sensing module balancing: the user using advancement process, backward, stopping place are returned by the main board assembly balancing sensing module after calculating the feedback data to the operation module, and then sent by the motherboard the motor control signal output.

of the battery pack: lithium present in the basic group the new motherboard provides a stable power input. Lead-acid batteries for the first generation of products, constantly updated with the follow-up, fundamental to be eliminated.

Motor control module: the functions can be roughly classified into the DC motor, stepper motor, servo motor; structure Is divided from the brush motor and the brushless motor; the balance into separate gear motor plus one embodiment the turbine hub motor vehicle driving scheme.

The housing assembly: to protect the battery, the appearance of plastic board.

As for an electronic appliance with a strong interest me, today received a balanced Car repairs. Basically no previously encountered thIs type of machine, immediately a kind of eager impulse to open to see what Is under the integrated circuit can be so sophIsticated algorithm to complete pirouette, and straight back.

The operating principle Is substantially the system to monitor the position sensor Is located to the pedal bodyAnalyzing forward or backward state machine, the state of the pedal change rate, after the appropriate data and instructions to calculate the high-speed microprocessors, drives the motor forward or backward to achieve the effect of acceleration of the vehicle body front-rear balance.

POST plugged in the machine, returned to the central axIs of the main board to set a good torque during self-test. The overall gravity axIs of the vehicle as a reference line. When thIs axIs tilted forward, the built-in electric motor in the body Will have the power to move forward on the one hand the balance between man and Car forward dumping of torque, on the one hand allow the vehicle to move forward acceleration produce the contrary, when the gyroscope found when tilting back the driver’s center of gravity, it Will also have to balance the power of backward effect. Therefore, the driver simply changing the angle of hIs body forward or backward tilt, two electric Car balance Will tilt forward or backward depending on the direction, and the speed of the driver’s body and the degree of tilt Is proportional.

machine failure Is encountered not energized charging nor any reaction. Measured with a multimeter 48V power input there, a later investigation by the motherboard level, found that the main chip MCU do not know who the master Is repaired, the machine may simply not a problem, tin drops during maintenance of the master pin on the master chip, resulting in a short circuit chip does not work. At first open the machine just want a good look at thIs machine, I did not expect to find dIsassemble the main chip short circuit. Users also said that thIs machine showed two master repaired, but the results are not repaired, the user also try holding the mentality to get our maintenance department. I just did not think the main problem of short-circuit chips, after the tin tweezers to remove the short-circuit point, power test machine, still no response. So take a lot of detours, check the motherboard power supply, check the motors, sensors …… checked over and over were all intact. Just after the stage without electricity output.

In the case of no clue, so from a power supply portion Is prepared once again check, a check on the fear of occurrence of leak investigation place. Measured with a multimeter process into electrical 48V found a master interface Is reversed, and thIs Is an electrical interface into a predetermined polarity reversal Is impossible to access the motherboard, then check the input line, Is a master swapped . Since long time to repair, but also forget the camera point of failure. Figure repaired after the shot.

Changed the interface, the short-circuit point and then the processing power test machine, everything Is normal. In a Careless mIstake, did not look Carefully power supply interface, wasted two hours of time and effort.

think by today’s service later, more and more advanced technology today, after the way people live in the end Is what? Popular high-tech products constantly, bring convenience to people, but also make us more convenient way of life, I am very curious about the future of science and technology exactly which direction to extend, it makes my future life Is full of infinite expectations. Now also in constant development of U.S.’s semiconductor technology Is maturing, look forward to the rapid development of science and technology, to the vast crowd to bring more high-tech products.