Car Maintenance and five small coup, simple and practical, can help you better car maintenance

Today’s Cars have become human means of transport, become an indIspensable means of transport many office workers, but the daily maintenance of the vehicle and can not be ignored, to stop Car beauty and expensive price, then there Is no What makes a simple way to use your own Car maintenance it? Xiao Bian today to give you five small coup Car maintenance, simple and practical, can help you better maintenance Car.

Cleaning leather seats with soap: Automotive leather seats are afraid something hard scratch, more afraid of corrosive chemical detergent products. And we went to the Car to go to the beauty shop to do the Car wash, Car beauty shop and more use of chemical detergent products to clean leather seats, leather cleaning after drying becomes very hard, and there Will be a small crack, and the use of soap leather seats decontamination performance Is not only good, but also to make leather seats, soft and shiny.

then the specific use Is: we Will clean soft towel in warm water to wet, then soap uniform playing in the towel, then go rub the Car leather seats? (There may be repeated where folds rub). And thIs method Is not only suitable for Automotive leather seats, also suitable for plastic door trim and instrument at the plate, (secretly tell you, because the decontamination performance Is very strong soap, body soap are not hurt, but do not Car leather seats would have hurt you, please rest assured that the personnel you the Car!)

toothpaste Is the usefulness of thIs feature to remove small scratches 🙁 applies only to small scratches) Cars sometimes do not know how bright paint scratches inadvertently often come to round after round, the owner often go to the Car beauty shop, beauty shop and Car wax to push the sand does not pay, then we can use toothpaste a method to remove minor scratches, specifically as follows: a Car wash where the Car scratches, which then clean towel or a cloth dipped in small amount of toothpaste vehicle repeated scratches out gently rubbing until the scratch and then dIsappear or weaken wiped with a wet paper towel. Rub scratches with toothpaste The reason Is simple, because the toothpaste itself Is a cleaning of the teeth grinder, toothpaste does not hurt but Will not hurt the Car.

Balm removable sticker on the Car glass: a Car of fellow retrialAfter the Car, attached to the windshield of various documents extremely difficult to remove. We can apply some balm on the back of the sticker (painted much more certain smeared a little thick). After the last moment after the wind spirits through the shadow can fall off after the rub clean with a dry cloth, leaving no trace of Oh! Fengyoujing wiped on the adhesive paste can be used for a variety of various goods sticker. The reason balm can wipe the sticker Is: only seal the glaze to melt decomposition sticker ingredients, if the home Is not essential balm, toothpaste instead of allowing oh (but the effect Is not good effect Fengyoujing ).

Talc stick resolve door seal junction: the lower Car door seals wet in the rain and after the adhesion with paint, with open ring true “squeak it They squeak “sound. We can use a talcum powder (baby powder can also be used with children) spread over rubber door weather strip, thIs “squeak it” Symptoms can dIsappear, open and close freely up on! ThIs method can also be used in home refrigerator, freezer door seal abnormal sound!

and the fruit can be removed using charcoal odor Car air conditioning: We can buy charcoal with a clean gauze wrap up, and then placed in the trunk of a Car because black charcoal can absorb odors inside the Car, then the Car smell Will slowly dIsappear. Use fruit removal, you can put the Car into two apples because apples can emit Nongnong taste fruity, thIs fruit can be overshadowed by the smell in the Car. If Apple can hold also put lemon, lemon can be cut, the better yo!

Xiao Bian gave you today summed up so much, we hope to be able to use, you have any good vehicle maintenance small coup, welcome to comment leave a message. (The above pictures are from the network)