Vehicle color white in the end choose good or black? You must understand something new to buy a car

REVIEW: so hard! Red orange yellow green blue purple, which color do choose to buy a Car? Need to understand the advantages and dIsadvantages

With the development of economic level, the growth of living standards. People on the material standard of living getting higher and higher. The same Is true for buying a Car Is also, the Car Is no longer the people’s eyes “luxury.” When you finally choose from hundreds of complex models in their favorite Car models, then with the 4S shop bargain deal with dry mouth to speak, but also entangled the final results in color choice, there Is no such experience? So hard! Red orange yellow green blue purple, the color of a Car would you choose it?

When it comes to selection of traditional colors, then, Is simply black and white. The pursuit of fashion words. Red, green and very beautiful. To pay attention to personality, then blue, and purple Is also very personal. Automobile manufacturers for custom colors can be described as dazzling, dazzling variety Is called. There Is a bright moon light white white, white on Star, Windsor white, elegant white, pearl white, pearl white and so on dozens of popular name! Plus a variety of other combinations of colors, there really are hundreds of choices. And today we briefly explain the advantages and dIsadvantages of some common colors.

so many Cars on the world, the white mainstream. According to the relevant institution studies have shown that white vehicle accidents also occur with minimal probability. Because whether it Is day or night, white are more conspicuous. Forming a reflective easily, especially at night, then the vehicle Is in a white exposed position, more easily cause people attention. But there are drawbacks white Car, white paint after a long period of sun and rain easily oxidized, easy to paint gradually turn yellow. And the white color Is not compared to other metallic paint, which means that it Will be lower hardness, more likely to be scratched, which also resulted in a higher cost of maintenance of late. If white metallic paint to do so, Car manufacturers but also extra 2000 dollars, so the purchase cost and increased.

, then black and classical touches, calm atmosphere full of business atmosphere. Especially the kind of luxury Car Mercedes-Benz Audi choose black, very tall on. And particularly black dirt, dust, dip the Car or something, Is not easy to see, do not frequently go to the Car wash. Whether you lookBusiness leaders or large coffee, a variety of successful people usually buy Cars are black. But the black Car was particularly evident shortcomings. The first Is endothermic too, like the summer, it Will be hot and stuffy inside the Car. Then with respect to the white Car, then, Is not so safe. There Is a black Car significantly smaller than the white Car, if you are buying a compact or entry-level Car, the Car Will look special “stingy.”

As for the other blue red yellow colors, it Is to see your personality like it. A lot of people think too much white black Car on the street, to reflect their own unique. Will choose some special trend of color, it Is good. But the paint maintenance late might have to go to a professional shop. According to friends and analysIs, as thIs vehicle bright colors, most likely caused by bird droppings to pull, because the vIsual irritation strong. And thIs brightly colored, in real driving are likely to cause accidents.

Is selected on the Car important, choose the color Is also important. About Select vehicle color, how would you consider it? Welcome to give your opinion!

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