User question: auto 4S shop to repair, change down parts can take it?

Some Internet users question, he said: Car to the 4S shop repair, accessories can take down for you?

The following are enthusiastic users: Bachelor’s blue-collar replied:

that service shop where I was it, your Car maintenance or repair 4S, simply put, as long as you are paying, and you can take away, including oil filter, even if you change a tire. thIs tire Is you pay, as long as you take the easy change down the old parts can be taken away;

but there Is a situation can not be taken away, that Is the claim, that Is, your vehicle down due to maintenance and replacement of spare parts, you do not have to pay for it, but the service shop to claims, thIs Is to the old parts back to the manufacturer, the customer can not be taken away.

For example, a vehicle bearing abnormal sound such as product quality problems in the shelf life, give you free replacement of the old parts can not be taken away, because it Will give the manufacturers to be returned old parts to make a claim, we can say thIs Is the manufacturer paying, the customer Will not be able to take away.

Popular Simply put, as long as you can pay for posting are taken away, did not pay any money, as long as you can not be replaced free of charge with go. If you have not paid the money you make when you take away, you can argue with him, but did not paid the fee, you still do not Zhang the mouth, lest we all embarrassed.