Used car accident How thIs judge?

second-hand Car market, used Car quality Is good or bad can be said to be uneven, and many times we may get a Car accident.

I once worked for a time in the used Car market, give the master who introduced the question, how come and go check out the Car had an accident before? Is not a Car accident?

First of all, we need to observe the vehicle body. The gap between the cover body check Is uniform, then the body side surface Is smooth lines.

If you find waIstline obvious lack of coordination, it can be concluded that the Car crash had happened, and that Is more intense.

we can open the door and pull down the door if the original tight seal, while the door frames and door post should be straight.

We also need to pay special attention to A / B / C pillar of the vehicle body in conjunction with the original solder joints, should be slightly roundness and slightly recessed, and extends from the roof to the sill the lines should be straight and showed natural curvature.

If you open the door and found difficult or closing a gap, it shows that the door has been dIsassembled, the Car Is definitely the Car accident.

We can also look at the chassIs of the vehicle, the front side member, rear side. When we lift the vehicle, we can observe the chassIs.

can not have traces deformable chassIs, the chassIs and the overall soil should be not the same, particularly clean particularly dirty or absence.

If you see the color of the paint on the chassIs of very fresh, had described the Car by striking violently.

In addition, we can also check records. As long as the vehicle has repaired, then there Is definitely a leave of maintenance records.

If you say you are worried about lorry vehicle maintenance records may be false, then you can go to the insurance company the Car’s maintenance records.

Finally, if you are new to a used Car, it Is no way to judge good condition, then I suggest you go to a professional who can help you please look at Cars.

and please professional vehicle inspection fee of around several hundred dollars, are relatively inexpensive, you may wIsh to consider the main Issues to consider.

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