Used automobile tires generally how long? Grandfather repair shop: Do not be fooled 4S shop to!

Automobile tires generally be used how long? Grandfather repair shop: Do not be fooled 4S shop to!

Is now the development of society, the Car continued popularity of our knowledge of the Car Is constantly in-depth understanding. Here in fact we should all know that the engine Is the heart of child Car tires for the Car Is also very important, just as our legs. Automobile tires we all know that in addition to the performance impact of Car tires but also on the form of the Car has a very important role if the Car does not tire of saying it would not be called a Car. You Will have a lot of friends asked me how long the Car’s tires should be replaced once in the end it? 80% of owners who do not know that here I Will take you to look at it.

. In fact, we want to know Is that for the life of the tire really Is no specified time generally, we are segments according to the degree of wear as well as usage to determine whether the tire tire tire needs to be replaced. We can say that thIs Is a reasonable way to replace, in fact, to be honest, called U.S.’s relevant regulations limit the wear of Car tires Is 1.6mm, if more than thIs amount, then the tire should be replaced. Used Automobile tires generally how long? Grandfather repair shop: Do not be fooled 4S shop to!

Is said that these provIsions for our private Cars, the intensity of use to tell the truth really Is not generally a year Will open about 30,000 km, and there are some drivers can not open more than a year long, in such a form for the wear of the Car, it can be quite low, it Is entirely possible to replace the tires according to their own circumstances, some not even a decade replacement tires. Some owners even year and the need to replace the tires, those racers need to be replaced once a day tires. So, different needs, depending on the conditions of replacement tires are different.

We all know that the Car tires are made of rubber, which Is then inflated with air of. If you try to fine cheap calendar day the windConstant wear and tear of aging sun, then it Will be very serious very fast That Car’s tires Is a consumable not only bring convenience to everyone, but also on the other hand to bring pressure on the economy, so that we vehicle maintenance must pay attention to their own tires and usage. Do not follow what they say Sir or electricity. Oh situation to replace your tires. For then you do not know what place thIs article, we welcome the exchange of comments in the article below, thank you.