US coolest looking car show, classic car can be obtained, as well as good profit

now on their first 20 seasons, the United States Coolest Vehicles Found has become a show, a lot of people are afraid to mIss a week. It began in January 2010 by A & E production, and appropriate play on the HIstory Channel. Star of the show Is Michael Wolff (Mike Wolfe) and hIs long-time friend Frank Fritz (Frank Fritz), as well as antique collectors and office manager Danielle Colby (Danielle Colby). They call themselves “pickers”, because they travel throughout the United States, Is the alien barn yard and basement, attic, overgrown’s “pick” old stuff. Although thIs Is a similar second-hand Car dealer programs, but they found some vehicles but the times are very representative of the Car. US coolest looking Car show, classic Car can be obtained, as well as good profit

10, SideCar’s Zundapp RS 7450 motorcycles

at a special trip to Europe, the companions met World War II motorcycle Car made in Germany, with a top side compartment. When they buy it at a price of $ 10,500, plus $ 1,000 Will transport it back to Tennessee, the money spent Is not much. And once they take it home, rumors everywhere, they at US $ 18,000 sold it to Georgia a motorcycle shop, the shop specializes in vintage motorcycle repair the Car at the same time also sold a very nice nice With the price of a good profit. Store after renovation, it looks like a rejuvenated, the Car can definitely make partial three people who like it has a very interesting sense of driving.

9, Auburn Phaeton 653 (1935)

The boys learned thIs in some way to South Dakota elderly couple who owned 1935 AuburnPhaeton653. The problem Is that it Is placed in a barn, because thIs old barn door Is no longer open. They have to be removed in order to drive out of the barn. They have not even seen the Car, butIt Is very troublesome to buy. They buy at a price of 26,500 dollars in it, and spent $ 1,000 to transport them to a store and spend $ 10,000 to restore it. The Car Is currently worth more than $ 45,000. We believe that thIs Car Is still very characterIstics of the times.

8, 1950 BMWIsetta300

Once upon a time, a man named Renzo rive Tower (Renzo Rivolta ) man, he owned a refrigerator company, so he decided to manufacture Cars. Yi Seta into the Island; a small, strange appearance of the Car, opened the front – side of nowhere – the steering wheel. The Car Is small, large mileage (50 mpg) Is very popular in Italy. Rivolta eventually sold all things BMW. It Is Mike Wolfe, he met Al and Deb, and for $ 16.37 per pound (US $ 13,000) purchase price of their little Isetta. BMW finally installed a four-stroke 297 cc engine, to 1962, there are 161,728 vehicles on the road.

7, 1967 Ford Fairlane 390 GT

wandering Mike and Frank in a garage IllinoIs in found thIs Car 1967 福特费尔兰. It did not seem too bad appearance, but still has the original paint job. Another important advantage Is that it also has almost the original engine and engine parts. They bought it at $ 7,000 high prices. Then, it Will need $ 1,000 to transport it home, need another $ 7,000 repair and restoration costs. The end result Is a Car reminIscent of a handsome guy wearing a tuxedo. Finally, they sold it for $ 30,000.

6, 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad

In an antique trip to California, the Frank case of to the “beauty” and decided to take it home. We certainly can not blame him. Chevrolet BelAir station wagon Car Is still very rare! After some bickering, Frank spent $ 21,500 and another $ 1,000 to buy a Car, then take it home. They certainly do not make them like that before. Shiny chrome, white tires and bigger than many modern bathroom space, which Is along the Pacific Coast Highway with a Car.

5, 1939 Indian Motorcycle nobility

guys at a full old motorcycles and other items the store dIscovered the Car in India arIstocracy motorcycle. Mike Wolf’s company bought the rare motorcycle Is $ 30,000. ThIs Car Is in good condition overall. At the same time, they found another one Indian motorcycle, thIs Is the Indian chief in the 1930s, at a price of $ 10,000 purchase. After some work on the motorcycle, and now believe that their total value of $ 58,000. Given that thIs Is two motorcycles in the late 1930s, so they are particularly rare because it was during the Great Depression, that Is, before the First World War. So thIs Car Is still very rare motorcycles.

4, Dodge A100 hot rod trucks

ThIs may be one very happy Frank Is also a rare moment . When they find thIs Car neon orange Dodge A100 truck, Frank was very happy, because only he can fully recover thIs Car! Dodge A100 and the creation of a Chevy van Ford Econoline van alternatives. Because of its odd shape, we want to know how much it can drag things. But after the recovery, Frank are pleased to start driving it, circling around the block. It was originally collectors garage, guys at a price of 12,500 dollars buying it. After recovery currently valued at $ 15,000.

3, Ace 1920s four-cylinder

looking at a trip to Oregon, the case of Mike and Frank Rick to Zane and hIs mother Linda. The two men are Zane (Zane) father collection of antique Cars and motorcyclesMotorcycle people. In Packards and Studebakers, there are some very rare Ace motorcycle, the motorcycle more than 100 years old, in good condition. SurprIsingly, they still preserve the original finIsh. They are the largest single purchase, priced at $ 85,000 to buy three Ace motorcycle. ThIs Is a four-cylinder Car brand motorcycle ace, has several decades of hIstory, and Is one of the world’s rarest motorcycle.

2, handmade wooden model T

guys make one of the most unusual dIscovery may thIs Is a Ford Model T, and Is made of wood, or at least almost everything covered with wood. During a vIsit to Brent (Brent) residence, hIs father designed some old concept Cars, when they met a hanging characters “Wooden T” trailer. The handmade wooden Model T destined to be a very interesting story. Brent (Brent) father created a T-type hot rod, and with thIs Car are all basically the use of wood as they did not buy, but they help Brent get in touch with a number of museums, where people can enjoy hIs father’s handiwork.

1, two 1954 Nash Healey

Walking in North Carolina, an old AMC DIstribution business there, Frank and Mike met a rare models. Nash-Healey two-seater sports Car in good condition in 1954. Nash Healey (Nash-Healey) in 1954 produced only 90 Cars, so the two vehicles Is extremely rare. A Car Is red, stored outside, another Car Is gray, stored in the shed. Red with a Cadillac engine. They purchased the gray at a price of $ 25,000, without the original engine for $ 21,000 to buy the red. Today, where a classic sports Car valued at $ 36,800. It was a pretty good price.