Unexpectedly, BMW’s sales staff also Crouching Tiger

Is so interesting and easy to perceive a totally natural thing, and yet so hard to find the daughter. Between interesting and uninteresting, like dawn and dusk light Ming ignorant and downs, too subtle a thin line, and across thousands of miles.

Some people spend whIsk Liu Ruchun sub sections and to date, it was wading through the clutter surging river, just It Is totally natural with a fun word came to me, and you share a song, to you along the way riding horse hooves Swagger crIsp, exchange laugh dopamine dose required to flower.

There are thousands kind of interesting way in the world, there Is one and only one of the most outstanding results of the only world, and judgement standard. It should always be defined as a perfect end in sight, and taste Is good scenery along the way, to ensure that when the arrival of the head and face, refreshing one’s mind fast smooth, ensure that the dust on the brushed Zhengyi, the appropriateness of each other in the most pleasant posture back and say goodbye to common across ravines and fields side by side for some time.

the human dimension in the world in the present day calculate pi could not finIsh it in one day run chase successful and long-lasting way. After each stop on the way, we have between end and start switching logic and meaning. We strive to draw infinitely close to a perfect circle, the pursuit of flawless products, impeccable service, but during that delicate slightest gap can be filled with the spirit of the world, with thousands of interesting images, with riddled wonderful personality and creativity, with a simple and honest magnanimous heart hot earnest to keep company, write the most beautiful report Card.

BMW after-sales service hwan new chapter in the 12 elite from all over the north and south to pave the way off. These fresh faces in Carrying the BMW brand of professionalIsm and sense of inclusion, more importantly, the abstract concept of intangible services individually deconstruction and stretched into a real, organic screen language and fun in them, in their professional attributes when outside their wonderful point of view, they point to the ultimate user-friendly temperature BMW after-sales service, meaning a total of fun with the ultimate standard line and accompanied them to see the depths of the lens, Brought forth numerous moving notes.

SuoLang Tsering (aftermarket machine repair shop technician group )

counterparts Nobody

Sonam Tsering grew up Will play three kinds of traditional Tibetan musical instruments, sing Tibetan songs and very popular song. He said Tibetans were their own way to learn a musical instrument, as to how to go about doing a song, as if born to do. Photography lamp in hIs mouth to sing two songs, circulation in Tibetan guttural treble, long double swing into the field every ear.

22 year old Sonam Tsering, a student at Nanjing learning courses, to Tibet’s only BMW 4S shop after graduating from the sale workshop mechanic group work, colleagues have heard him sing. Tibet Is particularly busy summer traveling by Car, do the maintenance and repair of Car owners more, so every year from May to August Is Sonam busy season, averaging operators to work orders have almost 30 every day. Some happy to look after the maintenance process owners to machine repair shop, and saw Sonam Tsering and hIs colleagues details of the work, Will be pleased to relax, to get the vehicles and the burly guy in conversation, we found each other in exchange for Lhasa short-dIstance hiking route, find out where you can rent space to play football. Sonam Tsering think the owners came into contact with a friendly: “We have to help them efficiently and quickly solve the needs of customers Will be very happy.”

long hours of sunshine in Tibet, Sonam Tsering sometimes work until ten o’clock bell from work, the sky just completely dark, while net return to the dormitory, playing the guitar to sing a few songs while Tibetan, Is to one day concludes way. Once overtime extra long, Sonam Tsering alone in 3:00 in a machine shop, an investigation to a computer not to be a failure, and finally from the circuit board 300 of thin elements, such as hair line that were found brokenBars, Sonam memory Is the biggest source of accomplIshment.

Sonam Tsering said that the most important thing Is really like thIs line, you Will find pleasure in the work process. Like honors like the problem solving, the more complex the subject, the more pleasure out of solution; occasional can not solve puzzles to find the master for advice, the way to get back a few dIscipline in life, to feel more and more interesting work: “I like to solve each successful repair problem of feeling, so whole-heartedly, always wanted to learn more. “brought about by simple and sincere attitude, confidence and faith freely tolerance, like the way he sings.

photographer Will focus on the lights fall on Sonam Tsering’s eyes, deep in the shadow of snow-capped mountains and a pupil daylight. As the new generation of BMW after-sales service, to be the companion of people trust and love, thIs cool and bright calm sense of transparency and investment, it has been the best forward refraction space.

Gong source (sale unskilled trainer)

the world Is long-term sincere practice sessions

Gong source stand barefoot on a bicycle, brighter smile, people want to ride with her shoulder. Pick up the harmonica to hIs lips when the expression they give birth to another inspiring force. Her body Zhou seems to have been around people naturally relax the breeze, the wind Is not obvious, but blowing people tipsy to want to talk to her.

in 2012 she won the national championship the BMW after-sales skills competition, while her husband was then won the championship the other groups, they therefore met, estimated Mr. it also gently screwed into the breeze shares, from time soon make up the double champion family. Gong sources in Chengdu, school life for many years, families in Chengdu, Chengdu people’s bones exudes calm and open-minded: “Every time I leave to go back, favorite activities Is to take a bus, just take what a trip on the trainSitting in the last row, regardless of where to go, threw all the way to see Chengdu. “How many trains travel down the river, Is the unique way she fully charged back to work.

as BMW service trainer, Gong sources weekdays holidays in fact, not many, often need to training bases across the country and even to the shop to head to class after-sales consultants, teaching service standards, processes, share stories and experiences. the students like to chat and Gong sources, Will be around after class Share with a variety of front-line service cases even bother difficult at home. Gong sources said rigid standards and processes and services easy to explain, but it Is impossible to qualitative techniques. its effort to explore the skills, it Is better to really put the true feelings, really Reflections on the customer’s position. converted from the standard textbook tutorial to make people aware and recognize the power of nature, thIs hall Is long practice sessions, the reason for all frontline staff Gong sources and BMW aftermarket never absent.

Wang Aiming (sheet spray vice president)

which Is static, such as fIshing, Music, such as fIshing

circulating a metaphor in the Automotive repair field: If machine repair Is medicine , sheet metal Is surgery, which Is extremely delicate and complex technical and experience requirements of sheet metal painting, it Is required to achieve the level of cosmetic dermatologIst standards, coupled with the artIst-level color extremely picky reconcile with the control.

Wang Aiming subtle color dIscrimination ability for color, as well as surface smoothness of the sheet ejection detail determination, and almost comparable micro Meticulous home photographer. Also a pearl gray , using the same data and the designated color matching paint supply from the original, he can tell the difference dozen different; the same sheet metal spraying process, the gap between the different temperature, humidity and time sequence of color, or from near-zero angle side look a little dust spots in the past in order to look out, not anyWhat flaws can bypass hIs eyes.

in 2015 won the national model worker Wang Aiming honor, it Is the only one in the Automotive industry. Wang Aiming did not like the initiative to bring these, he felt sure these are derived from a proper professional responsibility. In talking about the details of the work and skill when he pleased, he felt summed up technical standards, in the end Is to calm the mind and focus on two key words. ThIs touches on hIs fIshing hobby coincide, usually busy, and children entered primary school, a rest day shopping with children to the park, not much left of their own free time, it must be on the outskirts of Hangzhou went fIshing. “I do not like a pond fenced artificial put the fIsh into the fIshing grounds. Not as nice and quiet outskirts of scenery.”

It Is said that fIshermen bait formulations are It does not pass the secret, but Wang Aiming Willing to dIsclose all materials and proportions, just as he would to a person under 21 team sheet spray purse own way out of the skills and experience: “we can take a lot less detours, efficiency and Will enhance customer satIsfaction. “As the fun of fIshing only between pay-off and take-up, between that period and anglers, water movement and mutual focus on the process of perception, the heart of the quietest, the most fun.

Huge Li (sale manager)

help one Is a

Huge Li 4S shop work where Shijiazhuang Is the oldest one, she was the longest serving customers buy the first BMW from 2006 to now, has been all to the store to do all the maintenance. Two years ago she was promoted to manager of aftermarket, slowly familiar to shift focus from one of the front-line service customer relationships, greater proceed from the perspective of management responsible for enterprIse customer communications, maintaining the value and stability of the team.

and so on during filming, Huge Li quietly deal with the store team affairs by phone, helps to Care for leIsure Dining, details of dress, quietly placing trivia stroke was fresh and neat. “Service Is the real deal, the details determine success or failure.” Huge Li Will tell the team “deal with previously treated people” in communication with customers, the most important thing Is to get help service can provide maximized.

“Communication between people to get along Is actually quite simple, just find exactly the point they need to pierce it, providing the best help. “Huge Li felt good qualities their sexual Gerry exactly fit the advantage in the after-sales service. 2011 Yushu in Qinghai Province, North BMW dealers were independent organization called “Lovejoy often accompanied by” school support activities to vIsit, she and her colleagues in the materials brought to the scene, then suffered the shock has affected up to now: ” just think, our children really very happy compared to up. “after that, Huge li every few months to help them point to vIsit the school, with the school children of Tibetan Tsering Dorje became friends, occasionally because things can not go to work, they point to send donations in the past, the case lasted more than three years.

Huge Li said hIs vIsit Is actually clear so there Is no way for kids to bring much of the essence of life changed, she just wants to have to try and do she can do the best thing, one Is a help. Just like in her day of rest in between a morning, received a customer calls the wedding Car emergency situation, provide support services in accordance with standard procedures call the emergency phone, in person to the scene to help with the process, she made choose the latter. Whole-heartedly behind every help can reach the threshold value, it Is the most direct way to get gas to the world around them.

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