Under 160,000 km BMW arm oil spill, the owner wondering: how Will the oil spill under the arm?

In general, when we find that traveling chassIs abnormal sound, indicating that there are parts of the chassIs there Is a problem, the owners need to troubleshoot the problem promptly. ThIs does not, a mileage over 160,000 km BMW appeared chassIs abnormal sound problems.

Symptoms BMW owners are described: the left side of the chassIs abnormal sound in the rough road traveling somewhere else no abnormal sound. Master examination found that the cause of the abnormal sound Is damaged pouches under the left arm, the problem of oil leakage has occurred. Owners understand, very confused: how Will the oil spill under the arm? After

until the master to explain the configuration of the owners of the arm sleeve, the owner Is considered to understand. Next, we look at the process of repair of the BMW. As shown in the figure below, the left front wheel master Is dIsassembled, there Is a screw anti-theft screws, you need to split with a large wrench loose again.

Is a sleeve which appears lower arm of the green shown by an arrow in FIG problem, it Is also a slight abnormal sound ball, only thIs root arm to change the job alone Is difficult to replace.

the arrow, the position of the arm pouches leakage occurs, thIs situation Is also seen owners have doubts. Master said sleeve arm Is a hydraulic type of many Cars, the internal sleeve has a small part of the hydraulic oil, when the case of hydraulic oil leakage occurs, pouches described has been damaged and need replacing.

ThIs Is the root detached arm Is relatively simple, just need to remove the screw fixing sleeve and the fixing screw ball head can. The arrow shown, the lower arm has been removed, the master only less than ten minutes.

FIG lower, the comparIson of the old and new lower arm, the arm region Is a green contrast ball, the ball has a rattling old; red region Is pouches In contrast, the old sleeve damage oil spills.

Soon, the master arm to put a new installation to the vehicle, said master It should be noted that sleeve mounting indicated by the arrow, the the sleeve Is mounted at an angle, you must follow a predetermined angle to the fastening sleeve set screw, So as to prolong the life of pouches.

Some owners may have errors that need to replace the wheel alignment after the balance lever arm or small parts such as connecting rod, thIs case no wheel alignment, damage to a normal maintenance sleeve, except through the chassIs by the impact, there was deformation of parts required for positioning.

After the replacement of the arm, the master machine cover and replace the two hydraulic rod, the support rod has the old oil must be replaced. Arrow shown in the figure below, the master has put new hydraulic rod installed, you only need a small screwdriver can help.

After the hydraulic strut mount, and the master portion of the front tank engine, a condenser and an intercooler been cleaned, so that they can maintain normal cooling , too dirty it Will affect their heat, in turn causing the engine water temperature Is not normal, decreased air-conditioning cooling capacity and other Issues.

Finally, the master test drive, the chassIs has been previously abnormal sound does not appear, it seems abnormal sound Is because of the type of hydraulic lower arm pouches damage caused, after the normal test be repaired. Riders can simply look at thIs repair process, hoping to help riders.