Two hundred thousand landed Audi A3, the owner said: better than the BMW 1 Series three-cylinder

luxury Car brand Is best known BBA, with Audi BMW to expand the range of models, introduced a few years ago with the Audi A3 BMW 1 Series Both A-class Car, the price of about two hundred thousand indeed more attractive, luxury Cars become more and more at your fingertips.

have the fans some time ago to start a new Audi A3, the sedan version 35TFSI type fashion, the full amount of about two hundred thousand, the owner said: Audi than the hardware facilities BMW tricky, thIs three-cylinder four-cylinder A3 than BMW 1 Series Is better, but also much faster speed.

in accordance with the personal point of view, the Audi A3 with the BMW X1 have different features also have drawbacks, though BMW 118i Is a three-cylinder engine, but it has 8AT gearbox, Audi though four cylinder engine, but it Is a 7-speed dual-clutch, not to mention the price of these two Cars are not cheap, with Volkswagen, Honda, Buick, Toyota Is no comparIson at all cost, to buy a Car depends on the owners preferences.

Audi A3 in appearance than does the atmosphere BMW 118i some body lengths 4457mm, the front face of the LED daytime running lights, front size, design related A4L similar. Luxury brand models when buying a Car Is the biggest highlight of the brand, the Car interior work less true home brand so kind, thIs A3 countertops are hard plastic, cylindrical air conditioning vent Is off grade.

thIs vehicle dashboard design follows the style of the old section, the right left tachometer speedometer, an intermediate driving piece dIsplay there are radio screen, time, mileage, temperature index, fashion model also comes standard with four-wheel tire pressure monitoring.

A lot of people are not very satIsfied with the test drive Audi A3 in space when all of it, in fact, the front row Is really not so much worry, as long as the seat can be adjusted Is not a problem, but after row than the BMW 1 Series also spacious lot, I believe thIs Is seen owners know.

Car overall layout Is relatively clear, it should be a lot of fans have experienced, certainly pales If compared with the Magotan Camry, but with the BMW 1 Series Is in the tournament, if you do not mind the plastic sheet, then in fact the Audi a3 Is a good choice.

close observation in the control, with circular outlet Audi Q3 almost the middle of a decorative aluminum strip, the key Is air conditioning vent knob with the key.

the whole Car the most exquIsite workmanship place should be the handrails, and there are two separate water cup holder in front of the circular file might let you have a RS3 kind of illusion, there are wood with a matte surface, with aluminum trim after more grades, feel Is first-class.

thIs fashion version of the Audi A3 BMW 118i Is much better than on the seat, the whole Car Is leather material, and the door Is no fabric stitching, still more spacious rear seat.

35TFSI Audi A3 1.4T Is dIsplacement, the maximum horsepower Car 150, the maximum torque of 250 Nm hundred kilometers requires 8.4 seconds, in comparIson cylindered controlled jitter it Is good.

A-Class luxury brands made has never been over-optimIstic, the sales market in recent years has proved influential BMW, Audi, even two hundred thousand vehicles triplex Car, 1.4T emIssions are also a large number of followers, fans Tucao surface defects in the Car, in fact, my heart Is endless longing for luxury brands, the price of two hundred thousand Is not a small number, how to choose In fact, the owners know are a few, to see what aspects of hIs Care, others say no good.