Trucks Why can not install air-conditioning, and fines are caught, the driver can be hot bad

truck driver bitter not bitter, saying that really, really hard.

regardless of the number of the dog days or nine days and regardless of wind and rain,

can see their shadows on the road ,

to the north and south of transportation made a great contribution.

However, many drivers buy trucks are not air-conditioned,

because the truck comes with air conditioning, the price a lot more expensive ,

in order to save money when buying a Car on the choice of the van without air conditioning.

However, in the hot summer, the Car on the outside can spread egg cake,

that the Car driver does, no air conditioning at all heat stroke,

especially when loading and unloading parking,

no place to go, only in the Car alone,

because a lot of the time, you are unable to leave the Car,

in the Car and filled a small fan, you have to open the engine,

who do not feel bad that oil money, and now the of oil costs and prices , and

But if installed air conditioning, in the face of big traffic jam when the heart was cool also Will feel better.

so many trucks on the secretly install a hanging air conditioning ,

many drivers also reflect install one of these air-conditioned,

summer when driving Is not suffers.

However, as long as you secretly install air-conditioning, and a penalty of a catch,

not forThe penalty Is really for personal safety reasons.

Could it be that the installation of air conditioning without permIssion Is illegal?

Later, after inquire to know,

Is installation Is not complete non-proprietary or household air conditioning , belongs to the illegal,

If the owner Is not obtained Vehicle approved,

privately thIs retrofit installation of air conditioning Is illegal, it Is illegal,

also can not be driven on the road.

once dIscovered, not only to dIsmantle conditioned, they also face penalties.

to keep unauthorized installation of air conditioning there Is a reason,

because it Will lead to circuit overload operation,

can easily lead to spontaneous combustion vehicles,

Some time ago a truck on the highway due to unauthorized installation of air conditioning, to spontaneous combustion,

does not really harm than ah.

However, you can still install air conditioning, but require professional installation supporting a special air-conditioned Car, it Is not illegal to do so.

But some people recommend , if you want the insurance point, then, before the installation of air conditioning,

better go Vehicle AdminIstration Preparation of cases

allowed the installation Is determined whether the air conditioner illegal,

in thIs way, after driving, do not have to worry about living checked the fine.

trucks for the installation of air conditioning, how we see?

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