Truck drivers take State Road 20 km two punctures, there Is less than a kilometer maintenance point?

Delivery trucks generally have to go fast, but tolls are worth a fortune and sometimes bitter money dollar a day, and some places have built a very good national highway, not many Cars on the road can also just drop in for some, it can be a lot of Car but always problems broke down halfway or fried tires, but also prone to traffic accidents

hey drove the Car, but there was such a large nail, a good truck tires to one thousand dollars, are more expensive than the Mercedes-Benz BMW, goods give away a basic change a tire, and that these nails in the end where they come from it?

180 950 519 contentment: “ ThIs Is something I encountered in a state in 2010, I opened the truck ran from Liuzhou ran Hunan year, after Guizhou there Is a way through which most of the night also pressed the nail, leaving rescue roadside phone, dial the phone rescue a price of 500 dollars tire repair, tire repair everything really agree 300 dollars, he tires takes the money and did not help me put something inflatable, he says good tire inflator 500, I just give 300 tire money, no money to pay inflated, so do not include inflatable, and then had to pay 200 inflatable money, too angry, and thIs year I Will, but that road

general Car tires were slashed after not open long you can see in front of maintenance point there really Is such a coincidence? Repair cheaper also like to thank him?

Jiushu gg: “ It’s true, I’m working in a repair shop Songzhuang, California Development Zone, the hotel’s underground parking garage, where people open to Do not say, middle of the night they took a homemade cross head screwdriver to sharpen and then go where the wild side of the road to stop the rolling tire, of course, I did not know Why they go out at night and then, then the next day people came tire Since the bar one night too many people collective alarm the day the police came and asked them not sCared of the situation, I left with a slashed tire round clients said they pierced the tires do not know there Is still not doing

in fact, think about such a big nail, and tripod design Is always facing up, opened the Car Will certainly be punctured tire, really it’s such a coincidence?

a good point of Mercedes-Benz or BMW, a tire Will fill holes hundreds of pieces, which can be nice to earn money!

across such a large nail, substantially into the bar Will be scrapped tires, spare tire hundred another block to the road